My First Time at BritMums: How It All Went



If you’re not sick of seeing all of these post doing the rounds in the blogosphere, I’ll add my two cents as to what I learnt and what I thought go my first time at the blogging conference BritMums Live (BML). I have only been to one blogging conference before , BlogFest, back in November. Though it was all quite last minute and spent quite a lot of it wandering around by myself, I had a great time. I learnt a lot and have applied a lot of what I learnt from it. So I had high hopes for BML.


It was nice to meet up with some bloggers that I have met before, like Franca, Aby and Esther, whom I have known since we were teenagers (plus she brought her 3 month old teeny baby with her – so gorge)! It was so nice to meet up lots of new bloggers too. Franca runs a linky on a Sunday and it has become a bit of a community for us bloggers. So pretty much everyone else I met were the bloggers that link up there. Lovely to put faces to the blogs, if that makes sense?! I met the stunning Elizabeth from WanderMum as I have followed her blog for a while and Natalie from Mum in Brum, who is a bit of a blog crush.

IMG_0154 (1)

I was looking forward to the classes and like I say, I had high hopes for some blogging inspiration. I know a lot of people go to the conferences for the social side of things, but I am there to learn too. I’ll be honest, though, I felt a little bit disappointed. I think perhaps that some of the workshops perhaps needed to be aimed at different levels of bloggers. A lot seemed to be aimed at beginners, and that is fair enough. But I don’t feel like I am a beginner after nearly three years, so I knew a lot of what was being said already. They were enjoyable and it is fun to see some blogging idols like Honest Mum and Mother Pukka.



My favourite class did feature Mother Pukka actually and I felt so inspired after her workshop. I think that one was my favourite. The keynote from Cherry Healey was literally hilarious and one of the funniest (and oddest in a lot of ways), things I have witnessed recently!

All in all I had a lot of fun. I loved the social side of BML, even if I am a bit of an awkward turtle when I meet new people. I felt a little bit disappointed with the workshops, so I’d like to see a varied level of options perhaps? As it was my first time, I can’t compare the one day to two day format. It worked for me and would still be my preference, but I know a lot of others preferred it as a two day thing.

Did you go to BML this year, or have you ever been before? I’d love to hear what you thought to it.


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