South Devon: Day Out at Broadsands Beach

During the first week of the school holidays we went down to South Devon for the week. We were staying at Beverley Holidays, which is in Paignton, and the location really is perfect for lots of things to see and do. The sun was shining, it was back when we were in full ‘heat wave’ so the beach was a must. In fact that week, the husband stayed home to work and it was over 30 degrees is London. We almost escaped to the coast to cool down, as it was a much more enjoyable 25 degrees!

We were spoilt for choice when it came to beaches, but our favourite that we actually went to twice, was Broadsands beach. Although the beaches were close to where we were staying, they weren’t walking distance. So parking was a must, and there was a specific car park at Broadsands, unlike the street parking at Prestonsands, just up the road. It had everything we need, including toilets, ice creams, and a little shop.

The water was so calm and really lovely. The beach itself is fairly small, but even though there were people there, it didn’t feel crowded. It is a bit of a horseshoe shape cove, so it helps people to spread out a little.

I just loved seeing them having a great time – I hadn’t been to a British beach for ages! It brought back many memories of going to the British seaside when I was little.

Something that was a little different ways just how red the sand was. I mean, I’m not expecting white sands in the UK. But it is just a little unusual and different. Perhaps I am just used to Brighton and its pebbly beach!

Have you even been to the beach if you haven’t tried to build a tunnel and fill it with water? Oh the disappointment when the water just disappears! It was fun to see them playing so will together (had nothing to do with me wanting to read my new book. Honest). 😉

And just how lovely are these beach huts? I can’t think of anything else that is more quintessentially British. Well, unless there was the Queen there with a corgi perhaps! It is a lovely beach and I’d really recommend it.

A few little tips:

  • For the car park it was cash only. That or paying by card on your phone. So make sure you’ve got some with you.
  • Take baby powder. It is my ultimate beach hack, but forgot some – doh! It makes getting the sand off your feet so much easier.
  • The fish and chips from the little shop are a must. Again, cash only.
  • When you arrive at the beach in the morning, the water will be quite far out. But unless you want to get everything soaked through, sit up on the dry sand rather than the wet sand. It means you have a little walk out to the water, but when you’re camping like we were, there isn’t anywhere to wash your towels if the sand sticks to them.
  • Check the high tide – it came in pretty early, around 4pm. So this isn’t the spot if you want to head to the beach in the evening as the water will be right up.
  • Take your bucket and spade. There are little rock pool areas to explore too.

Have you ever been to Devon or Broadsands before? It would be great to hear what you think.

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