A Busy Mum’s Guide For Driving

It seems like I spend a lot of time driving in the car. At weekends we often go out on day trips as a family. But during the week there are several things that we use the car for. There are the normal chores and errands that I have to run. As well as the school run, nursery drop off, and the mad dash to swimming lessons and tennis lessons after school, I can see why some parents have those signs in their car saying ‘ dad or mum’s taxi.’

There are a few things that I have found are essential in the car, though. It definitely pays to have these things in the car all of the time, no matter how far you are going to be traveling.


Carrier Bags

No matter how often I find myself cleaning out the car, there are always piles of rubbish in the car. Heaven forbid the kids are eating a kinder egg and then there are tiny scraps of foil all over the floor, as well as plastic eggs and pieces or plastic toy. The joy of it all! So I like to have carrier bags in the car, that I can quickly and easily put all the rubbish in it. I find it easier to keep it clean when I have them handy.


Baby wipes are pretty much my lifeline since becoming a parent; they just work with everything! They help clean sticky hands, wipe noses, dirty nappies, mud off shoes as well as crumbs and dust. I have some in the door pocket by me so I can just grab them. Hell hath no fury like my toddler when she is sat in the back of the car with sticky hands. So they are great to grab and pass back to her.

Emergency Kit

We have a small emergency and first aid kit that we keep in the boot. So when we are on day trips, if anything is going to happen, we can be prepared for it. With kids you always have to presume that someone will fall over and need a plaster. Or just that you’ll need some de-icer or a safety pin to pin a coat together, for example. I just pout my own together from lists that I found online. But you can buy ready made ones if that’s easier.

Loose Change

We went through a phase of having to put air in our tyres every few weeks. I seem to never have change, so it was annoying having to get cash out to then get some change. So I’ve kept a collection of coins in the car afterwards ever since. It helps massively with having a coin for the supermarket trolley too!

Car Handbook

All cars come with a handbook and I have used mine on many an occasion. It is so important to have one with you and keep it in the car. Then you can check what pressure the tyres can be pumped up to, or what all of those blinking lights on the dashboard mean! Go Girl Car Insurance have put together a funny infographic, if like me, you can be a little clueless when it comes to things to do with your car. You can see it here:


Are there any other essentials that you’d add?

Rebecca x

*collaborative post

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  • Definitely a blanket too! You never know when you might break down, or little ones just get cold, etc.
    And shopping bags! I have so many at home but always forget to put back in the car, then end up buying more! Haha.
    Great list – I never leave the house without baby wipes! x