Buying a House? These Are the Things That You Need To Check

Buying a house is a huge step and a big investment. But think about how long you spend viewing properties. Do you spend hours on end looking at every fine detail? In my experience, it is a quick look in each room, making a note of the decoration and room size, to be honest. But when we are going to be spending, in a lot of cases, hundreds of thousands of pounds, shouldn’t it take longer than a few minutes?

If you decide to make an offer, the chances are that you will have a survey done. This will help to point out any major issues. But what about the smaller things, that could become big issues? Even something like how many plug sockets are in the room could make a big difference. If you aren’t able to install more sockets yourself, then you need to consider the cost of an electrician. It might not seem like a big deal at the time, but it is something that you should make a note of. So if there is a property you are keen on, book a second, and even third viewing if need be, with your estate agent. These viewings should be to get down to the nitty-gritty and look out for things that could be potential problems.


Are there any signs of damp in the home? This might sound silly, but when you visit, check for stains in the corners of the room. You should check skirting boards too and for any bubbly wallpaper or paintwork. There might be a smell in the home if there is a damp problem too. If the home is a new build like one from Avant Homes, it might not have too many issues with damp. What you should look at is drainage and assess the area that you could be living in.

If there isn’t sufficient drainage in the area, it could affect the property structurally. Check how many drains are around and how far away they are from your home. Then you need to look at the practical things of the area. What is parking like? Are you close to a school or train station? Some things won’t be an issue for you, but some might be needed. Is the road busy and noisy? Does it bother you is if is? All things need to be considered and then considered into the offer you might make.

An expensive thing to replace is the plumbing. Check the type and style of the radiators. Then check what type of pipes are in the home. Are they lead or insulated? Lead pipes will need to be replaced so take that into consideration. Ask where the water heater and the boiler are. Check what the water pressure is. It might be worth writing a list of things to check and ask. Make the estate agent work for their commission!

Have you moved home a lot or not at all? What would your advice for things to look out for be?

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