Things To Consider When Buying a New Shower

How often do you change your shower? The answer is not very often, and for good reason. Showers are big and bulky, and they take a lot of effort to dismantle and install. More importantly, they are very expensive and not everyone can afford the purchase every couple of months. But, now and then, your shower will tell you when it is time for a change. And when it does, you need to be ready to make a quick purchase. As buying a shower is relatively new to most people, here are some tips.



What Type Of Water System Do You Need?

The water system is how the water gets to the shower head and how it is heated in the process. There are quite a few different types of systems, so it is important to know which one suits your bathroom the best. The answer is the plumbing. Your old shower will already be wired a certain way, which means your next shower will be easy to install if it has the same water system. The water systems usually go as follows: gravity-fed; unvented; and boiler. You can change your water system, but it is a hassle and can cost a lot of time and money. Research all the systems and see which you prefer. If none stand out, stick with your initial system.

How Is It Going To Affect The Water Pressure?

Now that you know what water system you are dealing with, it is time to move on to the water pressure. The water pressure might seem like a boring detail, yet it makes all the difference to your bathroom. Manufacturers and suppliers create shower products that can only work under certain conditions because the pressure of the water can get too high. Install a shower that doesn’t comply with the manufacturer’s guidelines and you will be in deep trouble. The system could cause a lot of damage to the plumbing, and if it doesn’t do damage in the long run, it will only be a matter of time.

How Easy Is It To Install?

There is no doubt that showers are not easy to install. Not only do you need to take care of the plumbing element, but you also need to take care of all the accessories. When you buy a shower, you also purchase the screen and the shower fittings. The last thing you want is to complete the plumbing only for the fittings to take ages to install. Remember that you cannot use the shower until everything is perfect.

Does The Style Go With The Room?

It is not all about substance because style matters too. When you create your bathroom, you create it with an image in your mind. The shower plays a big part in that image, which is why you need to take the new style into account. If you don’t, you will be staring at a shower that you hate for a very long time.

Showers are not an easy purchase, but everything should go well with the right amount of knowledge.

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  • Totally I agree with you. Your information is great. Before buying know about the shower panel and you need to know about how it works. It,s very important. You have posted efficiently and effectively. Keep up such a constructive post.
    Thanks for sharing the excellent post.

  • Thanks for reminding me that showers are not really easy to install if I were to do it myself. I’m thinking of getting rid of my old bathtub and replacing it with a frame`less shower but I guess it is not as easy as I think it would be. It might be a good idea to just hire contractors who can take care of the job for me.

  • Also, consider installing a low-flow showerhead. Low-flow showerheads can decrease water consumption by 40% or more! This conserves water and cuts down on your monthly water bill, providing significant end-of-year savings. And since showers take energy to heat the water, this also helps reduce energy consumption on heating water.