California Prune Energising Smoothie

Happy New Year! Have you had enough of the celebrating?! If you have been partying hard, then this smoothie is for you!

Drinking a lot of alcohol can cause dehydration and the impurities in many alcoholic drinks can leave you feeling rough. So to rehydration is key and if you have a delicate tummy then a simple smoothie to sip during the morning is a good option. Itโ€™s also vital to help your body recover from potentially a long period with little real food by providing a gradual energy boost and replacing lost nutrients and electrolytes. This energy-boosting, thirst-quenching smoothie is a safe bet to help any hangover. I personally don’t drink but it works as an energy boost for everyone!

The smoothie contains vitamins and minerals to help you feel great. Vitamin B6 and iron contribute to reducing tiredness and fatigue, whilst potassium helps normal muscle function. Vitamin B6, manganese and iron contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism; and manganese helps protect cells from oxidative stress.

Paul Winch-Furness / Photographer


*California Prune Juice can be found in the Co-op, Holland & Barrett, Nisa, Ocado, Tesco and Waitrose.

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**recipe in collaboration with California Prunes UK.


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