Are You a Parent That Hides Behind the Camera? Tips For Being More Photogenic

As a blogger and a parent, there are not many photo opportunities that I miss. I tend to always have my DSLR close to hand. Failing that then I will use my camera phone. So there are a lot of times that I will be snapping a picture of the kids, or taking a selfie with them. Then there are Snapchat and Instagram stories; it seems like you need to be camera ready most of the time. Thank goodness for the filters, I say!

I am one of those people that have always smiled with their teeth. That might sound like a random thing to say, but it is funny how many people don’t show their teeth when they smile. My husband being one of them. I think I just have quite a large mouth, and when things are funny or happy, my teeth are on show. I did meet one of my brother-in-law’s (now ex) girlfriends, and the thing they complimented me on was my teeth. I’m not sure if I should be flattered or offended, ha. But if you don’t like showing your teeth, or just aren’t sure how to ‘pose’ for pictures, here are a few tips for you. I don’t want to look back at all of my pictures and not be in the enjoying the time with my children. So I will be using these myself.


Be Natural

When it comes to a posed picture, don’t force any certain expression. If your face doesn’t look relaxed, it won’t look good. If the smile is strained, it can make your eyes squint and your neck tense up. I remember looking back at some of my wedding pictures and thinking I looked like Wallace from Wallace and Gromit. I was just forcing the smile, as I had been stood having pictures for a while. So relax and be as natural as you can. If it is a situation like a wedding, then take a few minutes to relax your face and start again. You don’t want the Wallace-face that I ended up with!

When You Can’t Filter Things, Lipstick is Your Friend

As anyone that watches The Great British Bake Off will know, the colour of your lips can make a big difference in your appearance. Just ask Candice! So it is a good idea to get a few shades to make your lips pop. The right shades can even make your teeth look whiter. Lip shades that have a blue base or pink undertones are good to hide any yellowing of your teeth. So your best bets are shades like rosy pink, wine, berry, cherry red or plum.

Take Care of Your Teeth

Let’s face it, when it comes to your smile, it is all about your teeth. So having a proper dental care routine in place is essential. If you aren’t happy with the colour of your teeth, you could try some teeth whitening toothpaste or even a whitening treatment. In some cases, you might even consider something like having implants. If your teeth really bother you, then it could be worth it. So if that is something you’re interested in, it is worth seeing how much dental implants cost.

Have you got any tips to add? What do you do to look your best in photographs?

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