Tips for Going Camping with Younger Children

With it being the start of the new year, we are looking into holidays and things that we would like to this year. There are a few places in the UK that I would like to visit and of course a few options to choose from abroad. One thing we are yet to do with the children, though, is to go camping.

I did it a lot as a child and have many happy memories of it. Often we would go away with another family that had children the same ages and we would have great fun. I remember different camping holidays in Europe and going out to play boules on the sand, a short walk away from where we were staying. have you camped much with kids? I would certainly like to start doing it with my little ones. For a lot of us, it makes travel so much more affordable so it is definitely worth doing.


Here are somethings to think about when considering camping with younger children:

Safety First

With this type of holiday, it is all outdoors fun, from playing on the beach to rock pooling, to hikes. Think about taking a good first aid kit with you. There will no doubt be a few cuts and grazes, as well as things like mosquito bites (if abroad anyway). Some arnica is a good option to pack too, as well as the usual remedy you use for teething, like calpol. You don’t want to be out camping far from anywhere and have a crying, teething baby.

This could also include plenty of sunscreen, after-sun, aloe vera and hats and sunglasses. Even in the UK, camping means outdoors. A lot of time outdoors so you will experience more sun. Make sure you’re prepared or it could be rather unpleasant for all.

Pack Layers

Even if you are camping in summer, the temperature can really fall at night in certain places. Having the options of layers is great. Throw on  jumper or hoodie over a t-shirt and add more if necessary. Think about long sleeved pyjamas for the little ones too, with the option of layering depending on the temperature. You don’t want them to get too cold either.



Comfy Bedding

You will need a lot of space to take things, unless bedding is provided where you are staying. There is nothing worse than you sleeping uncomfortably, let alone dealing with a toddler that hasn’t slept well due to being uncomfortable. Not all children get now with sleeping bags. Perhaps a duvet or blankets would be a better option? And pillows! They are so important for a good night’s sleep, right?

Think about the bed too. Air beds can deflate so make sure you have a good pump or go for foam mattresses or roll-away beds.


Depending on where you are staying, there may not be much electricity or wi-fi *shock horror*. Think  about this for evenings. Make sure there are plenty of books to read, games to play or puzzles to colour or do. Highly unlikely there will be any cBeebies!

Have you camped much before? Anything else that you would add to the list?

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