Can CBD and Hemp Get You High?

This question can be a little bit confusing to those who know nothing about CBD and the hemp plant, and even among those cannabis and marijuana enthusiasts, these two things might be a mystery. With that said, there’s a group that is confused about something: are CBD and hemp capable of getting you intoxicated the same way cannabis and marijuana do?

To answer this question, we have to analyze what these two things are. First, let’s talk about what the hemp plant is in more detail. You see when we talk about marijuana, and of course, the actual reason why many people consume it, we are actually talking about a compound found in the plant that is known as THC, although its real name is tetrahydrocannabinol. 

Is this one specific compound that gives marijuana and cannabis its trippy and psychedelic capabilities. It is the reason why people use it for recreational purposes, so to speak. It is THC that decides how effective the piece of marijuana will be when it comes to getting people high, how fast the effect will pop up, and how long it’ll last. The higher the THC levels are, the stronger it’ll be. A standard dosage for an oil dropper of THC, is usually 40 mg of delta 8 THC per dropper. Obviously, it can vary from person to person as to what is preferred, so it can be a case of some trial and error.

Now, there’s a reason why talking about THC comes first. You see, the hemp plant can be described as a derivation of the cannabis plant. Scientifically speaking, hemp is a term used to specify variations of the cannabis that contain THC levels equal to or lower than 0.3%, as mentioned in this article. 

Of course, they are still members of the same species and could certainly be classified as familiars, but they are very different when it comes to the effects they cause in humans and animals. You can see the variety that is available at sites like Purple Penthouse DC, for example. Different products work different for different people.

And here’s where CBD comes in action. Run by the name of cannabidiol, this substance is also found in the cannabis plant, found at places like Verma Farm. yet is much more prominent in the hemp. By using the plant, producers can provide people with a wide range of products, that not only target humans but for pets as well.

These products can come in the form of oils, ointments, pomades, pills and food. The same is for products targeting cats and dogs, with some variations like dog treats and cat food. And believe it or not, there are multiple reasons why even pet owners purchase these products.

But Let’s Get Back To The Main Question: Can People Get High From Both Substances?

If I can be straightforward with this, the short answer would be no. A minuscule 0,3% of THC won’t do us any harm. And in fact, most hemp and cannabidiol related products must have THC levels equal or lower than that, making it a rather safe option for most people, including animals. If you want to check more information about it, you can view this blog post for more detailed information on the matter.

To add a little bit more information, CBD and hemp products are being used by dogs and cats. And just so you know, these two species are pretty weak against tetrahydrocannabiniol, because of the number of receptors processing the substance. 

It can get them intoxicated, and cause side-effects that might last for weeks if you are not careful. That’s proof about how safe cannabidiol related products are, and how low the chances of getting high are. 

Why People Purchase Hemp and CBD Products

Although research regarding CBD and the hemp plant is rather young, with not so many studies conducted in humans and animals to accurately say whether they are worth it or not, claims on the internet and the hemp and cannabidiol oil community, have claimed that these products were more than a miracle to help relieve the pain that comes from a lot of conditions, and problems related to anxiety and insomnia. It can help different people in different ways, and some strengths of hemp will vary the impact too. If you want to try some for yourself, then you could use a coupon here to get a little money off. At least then you can try a brand with a little discount.

It has been proven to be a great way to deal with inflammation and alleviate the pain that comes from diseases like cancer and osteoporosis, and for pets, it works the same, but it also helps recover some of the mobility that animals and human losses during their senior age.

Although there’s much to learn about both things, and its possible side-effects on both humans and pets, you can still research it and have an opinion about it. If you are still doubtful about the whole deal, visit

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