Can I Use Soap On My Face?

There is a lot of confusion out there about whether or not bar soap can be used on the face as part of your beauty routine. There is noTL; DR answer because the words soap, detergent, and bar are often used interchangeably, and some products use all of them. Basically, soap is made through saponification and removes dirt and oil from your skin. (For more about the science, this article will fill you in.) If a product isn’t saponified, the rules say it can’t be called soap, and it’s probably a detergent. Soap is made from natural ingredients and detergent is made from synthetic ones. Some bars combine detergents and saponified oils to further confuse the matter.One is not necessarily better than the other for the face – it totally depends on the other ingredients in the bar and their quality level.

Oil and water don’t mix, so you can’t simply rinse dirt and oil cleanly away with a little H2O. However, if soap or detergent is added, it binds to the oil and dirt molecules and water can carry them all away. Sounds good for the skin, no? Not always.A basic, generic soap or detergent from the drug store can strip your skin and over-dry it. So, avoid cheap bars that are better for hands. You want a bar that has extra ingredients to both cleanse and protect your skin.This is why we can’t just wash our faces with dish soap or detergent!

People have long been raving about Erno Laszlo soap and beauty products but there is some confusion because of the branding. The luxury line features ‘cleansing bars’, yet the product descriptions refer to it as “soap”.Whatactually matters for your skin is if the product strips and dries it out.The cult classic Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar detoxifies, exfoliates, and hydrates the skin while gently cleansing it. No skin stripping occurs. The palm oil regulates natural oil production and the minerals enhance a youthful glow. While it is not an all-natural soap, the reviews are in that it’s a stellar product for the face, especially when used as a part of a broader beauty routine.

Proponents of all-natural products argue that chemicals and detergents are bad for the skin no matter what, and that a pure soap is the best to cleanse the skin. Beauty barslike your mom’s Dove bar in the kitchenis called so because it is made withdetergents and not soap, even though we think of them as such. It’s important to look for the word SOAP if you’re in this camp. There is no doubt that detergents can be drying on their own. However, not all synthetic ingredients are going to cause skin problems, especially if they’re combined with skin-loving essentials that work well with your skin’s chemistry.

Still confused? That’s because there’s no clear answer. Basically, it’s a personal choice and you need to look at the ingredients and reviews! If you want a natural solution, look for the word soap. Cleansing bars and beauty bars may contain synthetic ingredients, but high-end brands bolster their products with lots of vitamins, minerals, healthy and balancing oils, and other attributes you can’t find in a plain soap.

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