Can You Feel Younger as Your Children Get Older?

There’s nothing like having children to make you feel old. Some people say they make you feel young again, but I kind of disagree – you see time move so much quicker with kids, I feel I’m ageing in an instant haha. As your kids start to get older, it can make you begin to feel old too. Before you know it, there’s starting school (we’ve just applied for my eldest’s place at Primary school sob) and then becoming a teenager and getting ready to leave home. If it seems like time is moving too fast, there are a few little things to help you embrace it and feel younger 😉

Join in with Your Kids

Trying to keep up with your children can make you feel out of shape. It’s always surprising how fast a toddler can run away from you! But joining in with them when they’re playing can bring lots of joy and laughter into your life. And if there’s anything that makes you feel young, it’s being happy. Participating when they’re running around playing football or other games is great too. It helps to keep you fit without having to spend hours in the gym, or you can get them to join in with you when you do some exercise at home – my two like to climb on my stomach when I’m trying to do abs haha.

Look After Your Skin

Looking tired and older than your years would make you feel older too. Having a daily skincare routine to help keep your skin firm and moisturised is pretty important. Even if I’m not wearing makeup, if my skin feels good, it’s all good! There are thousands of products out there that you can try to help you look after your skin as well as treatments. New treatments have made it easier to get rid of lines and wrinkles without having to have surgery. For example, you can use a thread lift, Botox or dermal fillers.

Have Hobbies

When you have kids, they become your life. But it’s ok to have time to yourself too, though it won’t mean you’re not thinking about your children all the time! Having your own hobbies and social life will help you to feel like an individual and not just a mum – works for me anyway. You can make sure you’re finding happiness in other places, and not just at home.

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nearly 4 years ago. (those eyebrows though…)!

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleeping enough is easier said than done when you have children but it’s even more difficult when you have a child who isn’t sleeping through the night yet. But sleep is essential for your mental health and for your physical health too. Having kids usually means saying goodbye to lie-ins, but there are other ways to get more sleep. If you usually spend your last couple of hours before bed watching TV, you can consider giving some of that up for a bit longer in bed.

I’d like to think that children should help you feel young, not old but time with them zooms by!

What do you do to ‘feel’ younger?

Rebecca x

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