Car Dealer Lead Generation Strategies For Fall 2017

Leads are your lifeblood, but instead of depending on paid-for, lukewarm leads, your dealership should be generating its own organic leads with a comprehensive lead strategy designed for 2017. The way you generate leads has changed, with more focus on online content and outreach. You can generate leads without having to pay someone else for them using some of these strategies.


#1 Content

Every lead generation strategy for business in 2017 begins and ends with content. Ever since Bill Gates coined the phrase, “Content is king,” it’s been repeated ad nauseum by internet marketers, but all with good reason. There really is no better way to generate organic leads for your business than by producing quality content that helps your customers through their purchasing decision. As a car dealer, your potential customers are looking for buying guides, text and video reviews of specific vehicles, maintenance tips, and financing advice. Your website, your newsletter, your social media feeds, even your direct email and text follow-ups should be rich with content. Stop neglecting your website blog and start turning it into a powerful tool for generating leads.

#2 Use That Phone

When your dealership is in a quiet phase and their time isn’t better spent following up in other ways, your sales team should still be making cold calls. However, there are better ways to use your phone today, including text message marketing.

Make sure you’re also answering the phone – nearly three quarters of inbound calls are mishandled by car dealers. Fortunately, overflow call services can be part of a more complex auto dealer chat software package such as the one offered by Gubagoo. Never miss out on an inbound lead again by using a 24/7 overflow call service.


#3 Stay in Touch by Email

Any good car dealership knows that repeat business is what keeps you in the black. Stay in touch with past customers with an email newsletter or make sure your sales team is maintaining those good relationships with valuable content follow ups, even after purchase. Maintenance guides and videos are great ways to follow up sales, while as the years go on, you can move into trade-in materials.

#4 Auto Dealer Chat Software

In 2017, no car dealer lead generation strategy is complete without auto dealer chat software to connect you with prospects as soon as they visit your website. Auto dealer chat software is designed with two purposes in mind:

1) Turning anonymous web visitors into leads by getting contact information through live chat

2) Converting prospects by booking test drives and service appointments at the dealership, where your team can make the sale

With so many live chat software options out there, the first thing you want to find is auto dealer chat software that caters specifically to car dealers. Auto dealer chat software is a unique solution designed to appeal to big-ticket purchases like cars – it’s B2C marketing for a product that customers thoroughly research online, but still buy in person. One software solution, Gubagoo, uses 24/7 operating centers, inventory integration, a behavioral intelligence system, and an app to tailor live chat for dealers. That all sounds like a lot, but what it means is that you have fully managed auto dealer chat software turning web visitors into leads, with better integration of your sales team, so that you can take a live chat and turn it into a sale. Find out what you’re missing and invest in auto dealer chat software today.

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