Tips For Keeping Your Car in Top Road-Worthy Shape

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to get to work on a Monday morning with the interference of your car breaking down. Car trouble is not only a hassle, but it can also be pretty frightening; especially when you don’t have a clue what issues you’re dealing with. With a little forward thinking, you can avoid these types of incidents on the road by getting your vehicle inspected on a regular basis.

Regular car maintenance is not only essential to getting the best performance from your car, but it’s also very important to increase its lifespan. Maintaining your car can range from basic car inspection to a complete overhaul. People on tight budgets often neglect to get their car a routine maintenance check; however, poorly maintained vehicles can cause many car collisions each year. Aside from this, regular checks will prevent more major problems costing thousands to repair. When budgeting for your car maintenance, look at the bigger picture and be consistent with your maintenance or you’ll end up with a nasty, unexpected bill.


Here are 8 things that should be checked regularly:

  1. The oil in your car keeps everything running smoothly, and your car can’t run without the right oil level. You can check this yourself, but you should take your car into somewhere like www.kiwk-fit.comfor an oil change on a regular basis.
  2. A tyre pressure gauge is an affordable and easy to use tool that can prevent a flat tyre or worse. Tyre’s that are improperly inflated can cause blowouts that lead to accidents. It’s important to check your tyres regularly and also be aware that the right pressure changes based on the outside temperature.
  3. Don’t wait for that screeching sound that tells you your brake pads are getting old. Having your brakes checked regularly by a pro keeps your car safe and on the road. You depend on your brakes to stop your car and prevent an accident, so don’t take them for granted.
  4. In the winter, you need to make sure that you have enough antifreeze in your car to make sure it can run properly. Cold temperatures are hard on your car. Coolant is also an important fluid to check on your car. Keeping your car running smoothly relies on the right levels of the fluids it needs.
  5. It’s not just the pressure in your tyres that is important to keep on top of. Your tyres depend on the tread to give you traction on the road, and it’s especially important in slippery conditions. Look for signs of wear in your tyres, as well as any bulges or lumps that could indicate a problem.
  6. A clogged air filter will cost you in fuel consumption, and it’s bad for the car as well. It costs very little to get it checked and replaced as needed, so make it a regular part of your car maintenance routine.
  7. Your transmission failing whilst driving is not something you ever want to experience. Make sure that the transmission fluid is always at the correct level and is changed periodically to make sure your car can shift smoothly and keep you in control of the car at all times.
  8. Having any of the lights on your car not functioning properly is extremely dangerous. Be sure to check your indicators, brake lights, reverse lights and of course your headlights on a regular basis.

Don’t wait too long before you let the pro’s give your car the once over. Whether it’s tyres, brakes, exhausts, MOT testing, car servicing or air conditioning recharge, a proper garage can make sure you’re car is up to scratch and road-worthy.

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