5 Healthcare Careers That Are Ideal For Parents

Working in healthcare can be a very rewarding and exciting job, with opportunities to progress and start making excellent money. Being a parent is also a very rewarding job, but also has its difficulties and it can be hard for many parents to find work that is flexible enough to work around their busy schedule as a parent, without having to sacrifice too much time with their children. If you are a parent looking into a career in healthcare, read on to discover the four most parent-friendly healthcare careers.

Physician’s Assistant 

A physician’s assistant conducts physical exams, diagnoses and treats conditions, assists in surgery and performs a variety of other duties, while supervised by a physician. This job is ideal if you are a parent who is interested in and passionate about a career in medicine but you don’t have the time or money to invest in four years of medical school and further training. It is a stressful and possibly physically demanding job, but is also currently very high paying and in demand, at a median pay of $101,000. In order to become a physician’s assistant, you must first complete a 2-3 year PA masters program, and before this you may want to get some experience working in a healthcare environment.

Healthcare Administrator

A healthcare administrator takes care of the more business and managerial side of healthcare. You will be managing a health care facility and providing leadership to a dynamic environment of specialised groups. It is a very rewarding and well paying job that is currently in high demand however it can be stressful. You will be required to handle careful budgeting, decision-making and maintain healthcare standard. You may be in charge of facilitating a coordinated or integrated care model for the practice, as well as the main point of contact for invoicing and health insurance queries. The average wage is over $100,000. In order to become a healthcare administrator, you will need a master of healthcare administration. This step can sometimes put those who have previously worked in the medical field off, as the idea of working towards another qualification doesn’t seem worth it. However, if you are worried about the time it will take or how to fit it into your schedule, there are online MHA degrees available, such as the one provided by ADU Online.

Speech-Language Pathologist 

A speech language pathologist diagnoses and treats communication and swallowing disorders in patients. They can work within healthcare facilities, schools or patient’s homes and many have flexible working hours and are able to arrange appointments to suit their schedule. This makes the job ideal for busy parents who want to be able to follow their children’s schedules. The market for speech-language pathologists is expected to increase faster than usual and their median pay is around $74,00. To become a speech-language pathologist, you must complete a two-year masters degree and become a licenced pathologist.


Nursing is often considered the cornerstone of the healthcare industry. It is a rewarding but difficult job, involving quite a bit of emotional labour. However, nurses can earn great salaries and have flexible working hours. It is well known for being a profession that is kind to parents, often allowing flexible working or part-time work and the job can help to improve your skills as a parent as well. To become a nurse you will need to complete an accredited registered nurse program, pass the NCLEX-RN exam and obtain a licence, after which you can look forward to a median salary of $67,500.

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  • Finding the right job as a working parent is no easy task. It can be hard to juggle a family and a job, but there are jobs that make it easier for parents to balance life and work. And there’s no parenthood penalty.