Caring for Your DSLR

As a blogger I am always learning new things. I look back at old posts and cringe, particularly at the pictures and photography. Not saying I am now an expert or anything but since getting my Nikon D3300 DSLR camera I have been learning bits and bobs here and there about lighting, different settings and editing photos to make them look their best.

Let’s face it, DSLR cameras are expensive so other things I have been learning along the way are things that I can do to care for my camera to keep it at its best and prevent damage.



1. Use the Lens Cap

This is one of the most important things to remember. If you put your camera in your camera bag or anywhere else for a long time without the lens on, dust and debris will get to the sensor. What that means is then you’ll have lots of rubbish all over your images. Don’t EVER take your camera, unscrew the lens, and put the camera in your pocket without the cap. Always make sure that there is something protecting the sensor.

2. Avoid Humidity

Of course when you’re on holiday you want to get pictures on the beach, but they are one of the worst places for your camera, becasue humidity is your camera’s number one enemy. Humidity influences the sensor of your DSLR, so it is important to keep your camera dry and away from extreme weather conditions when possible. If you are in a cold weather environment, which let’s face it, many of us are, avoid bringing your camera in from the cold to a warm room. Condensation will effect the sensor too so put it in a protective bag or case first.

3. Cleaning

I can be a bit OCD and love an excuse to clean anything, but add cleaning your DSLR into your blogging routine every now and again. Use a soft cloth, like a microfibre one, to use on the outside of your camera, as it will help to take off dust and other particles that could get into the camera. You could also use a cleaning brush or pipette-like device to blow away dust and particles.

4. Rain

A drizzle of rain won’t kill your equipment, but don’t take off a lens or open the memory card door when you’re out in the rain. If it is raining heavily, use something to cover the body of the camera (like a plastic sandwich bag). It’s the electronics that you need to watch out for; the lens on the other hand, can take a few drops.

5. Memory Card

Don’t ever open the memory card port or take the memory card out, when your camera is switched on. It can corrupt the software inside! So avoid, avoid, avoid.

There are more tips and information for caring for your DSLR in this article.

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  • I really should get a DSLR, I think it would make such a difference to my blog. The poor camera I use now is a pretty decent one, but the lens cap is broken (so no idea where that is) and it never did have a case, so it gets dragged all over and not looked after at all. It’s a wonder i can take photos at all!

    Great tips, thanks for linking up to #Thelist xx

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