CBD Oil For Dogs And Cats: Can It Affect Their Behaviour?

The multi-billion industry of CBD has been taking the market by storm since the past few years. CBD infused products like oil, supplements and edibles are warmly welcomed by consumers all across the globe. While most of these CBD products were made for people to consume, there are some products that were specifically made for animal consumption.

While it is widely accepted by many consumers, there are still claims that it may contain risk factors to the health and wellness of humans and animals as well. As of now, many ongoing research to assess these issues. You might wonder why there are debates revolving around CBD products. To enhance your knowledge and understanding, it is worth looking at a site like https://cfah.org/. But here is the important information to know about CBD.

What is CBD?

The cannabidiol or popularly marketed as CBD comes from the infamous cannabis or marijuana plant. It is one of over one hundred chemical compounds found in the marijuana plant known as cannabinoids. Here are key points to remember about CBD:

  • It contains little to no traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main chemical compound which gives the psychoactive properties of cannabis plants.
  • The allowed amount of THC for CBD products as mandated by the law must not exceed 0.3 percent to ensure that there are no psychoactive effects to the consumer.
  • Abuse and substance dependence will unlikely to occur when using CBD.
  • Hemp plant, a cousin of the cannabis plant is the main source of CBD for industry use. It contains less THC compared to the marijuana plant.
  • CBD oil comes the flowers and leaves and mostly used for medicinal benefits while hemp oil or hemp seed oil comes from hemp which contains very little to no CBD content and mostly used for food and health benefits because it contains omega heart-friendly fatty acids.

If you want to know more about detailed content and product background, you may check out the best site for CBD products which are FDA approved.

Dog treats and cannabis leaves isolated over white background – CBD and medical marijuana for pets concept

CBD for Your Pets

 CBD consumption for humans so far has shown no unwanted or lethal effect to the body. It is widely used as a remedy for anxiety, depression, epilepsy and even cancer, so could it act as pain medications for dogs too? And though there is still ongoing research for the use of CBD for pets, some cat and dog owners administered the consumption of CBD for their pets together with their trusted veterinarian. There are promising results of using CBD for their pets’ health. Most of the pets that ingested CBD have improved their overall health and recovered from diseases like anxiety, digestive tract diseases and seizures. CBD holds a bright future for your pet dog or cat, but as of now, further research is still needed to verify the long term effect of CBD for them.

Does It Affect Your Dog and Cat Behaviour?

CBD stimulates the endocannabinoid system or ECS for both cats and dogs. The ECS is mainly responsible for the regulation and maintaining the balance of the bodily functions and processes. Though most behavioral patterns are dependent on the psychological health of your pets, they can also develop behavioral traits from sickness and other factors. Here are the conditions that are healed or cured when using CBD for your pets:

 Anxiety and Depression

Dogs and cats with anxiety and depression show little to no interest in almost everything around their surroundings. They can also isolate themselves from other people and even from you. This may be painful for them and especially for their pet owners. CBD helps in overcoming this problem by releasing the endorphins in your pets so they can stay active and healthy both in physical and psychological health.

Aggressive Behaviour

Almost all animals are aggressive in nature. But for domesticated animals like cats and dogs, being aggressive is like a problematic behaviour especially when toddlers and frequent visitors are around home and when cat scratch your furniture. Regular use of CBD can make them calm and less aggressive around people and other animals.

Destructive Behaviour

Does your cat scratch your furniture? Or your dog bites on your favorite shoes? There are many factors that may contribute to their destructive behavior. It is also a sign that they are bored and doing these destructive things makes them happy. But do not be angry mate, they have zero intentions to annoy you. Instead, let them take CBD to change this behavior because it will make them calm and happy.

Weak Behaviour

If your pet is sick or experiencing pain from sickness, it will affect their overall behavior when not treated for a long time. Aside from calming and making them happy, CBD can also be used as a remedy for joint pains, inflammation plus digestive and respiratory diseases. It will help them recover and be back to their active and happy behavior. Just be sure to consult your vet before you let them induce it.


CBD has come a long way in benefits for both humans and animals. Although research and studies are still ongoing to verify its potency and side effects, there are many promising results that may outweigh the doubt of its consumption for your pets.Overall improvement in their health and behavior may be achieved by using it, but please connect with your paw doctor to ensure their safety. 

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