Our Christmas Celebrations in the Peak District

We just got back from our Christmas celebrations with my side of the family in the Peak District. Being one of five myself, and there being quite a few grandchildren for my parents, the family seems to be expanding year on year. So somewhere for us all to fit is a must for our Christmas celebrations. Plus, my family are spread out all over the UK (and abroad), so it requires a little bit of travel for us to all get together.

This year, to get together for Christmas and have a little bit of a staycation, we found a farmhouse to stay in, in the Peak District. Despite being raised in the north, the most I ventured into the peak district was for Alton Towers, so it was fun to explore, walk, and drive through a different part of the country.

They say pictures tell a thousand words so here are a few from our stay:

The farmhouse we stayed in, in a tiny hamlet called Gradbach, was spacious and perfect for what we needed.

just look at the view from the living area! It was really secluded and out in the countryside

It was in a perfect spot with plenty of local walks in the woods and along the river.

The farmhouse had a huge hot tub too – lots of fun and a really cool experience being out in the country, overlooked by no one, with a glass of shloer!

Gingerbread house decorating is quickly becoming a tradition with our family. Not sure how much of the sweets ended up on the gingerbread house or in mouths? Haha.

Story time with grandma was a big hit – and she just loved it! Thank you grandma! (Six of the eleven grandchildren pictured here).

Christmas day was filled with plenty of food, games, and family fun. It was great being altogether (missing my sister and her family that are in Japan). I love Christmas, and it was great to get away from it all for a little bit, get back to nature, switch off the emails, and enjoy celebrating all that Christmas mean to us. The area we stayed, just south of Buxton, was a a great location to get away from it all and be together; I would really recommend it!

Were you away for Christmas or did you stay at home? Would love to hear what you got up to!

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  • This is my way of celebrating Christmas being with family and away from the city. I’m a introvert type of person and I love nature and being with nature energizes me with new ideas. I think the place you stayed is awesome. Enjoy your holiday! 🙂