Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win tickets, through Funky Giraffe, to the new musical in London; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was all quite last minute but luckily, within two hours, we had secured a babysitter for the evening and off to London we went.

I was thrilled that we had seats on a box so lots of leg room and no standing up for people needing to get out to the loo! It is at the Drury Lane theatre, which I think is one of the nicer ones, and it was utterly fantastic. Definitely suitable for all the family with lots of laughter and fun. It is so cleverly done and visually amazing. There were many squeals from the children in the audience when Violet turns into a blueberry in front of your eyes and when Mike shrinks into the TV – very impressive. I did wonder how some of those things would be done but they are seamless and looked really good – very magical! I was particularly impressed with how they did the oompa lumpa’s – very effective and very funny. The attention to detail was brilliant, right from the Bucket’s house to the little squirrels that attack Veruca, it really is fab. Some of the characters had a slight twist on them than the book but I think it just added to the humour. Mike Teavee’s mum was a particular favourite of mine. Of course the ultimate fave has to be Mr. Wonka himself – brilliantly cast, funny and fabulous. Quirky, just as I imagine Roald Dahl wanted him to be.

Prod_02 Prod_03 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The cast was fantastic with not a note out of tune – how do they do it? Some catchy songs and fabulous dancing. Lasting in total 2.5 hours it really goes quick and though everyone knows the story you are looking forward to what is coming next and how it will all be done. There was a standing ovation at the end of the performance – I would recommend this to anyone.

Do you have plans to go and see it? I think it is a must-see!

Rebecca x

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