Is Your Child’s Bedroom A Safe, Harmonious Environment?

When you have children, their safety and wellbeing are the most important things for you. You try to protect them from the very moment they come into the world. Yet, this won’t always be possible. Kids grow and they need to face their own obstacles. However, while they’re still babies, you are completely in charge of their safety and development. And, the very first environment they get in contact is their bedroom. Here they must feel safe and the surroundings must be completely adapted to their age. Thus, today we’re going to discuss safety for kids at different ages.


The bed – a safety heaven

The bed is the most important item in the bedroom and for children it’s a safety heaven. Here they get to grow and learn how to communicate with their parents. As they grow, they’ll slowly learn to organize themselves. But until then, when you have a toddler or a baby, you have to follow these rules:

  • The bedding should be kept simple without extra lace or irritating textures. It may look good for you, but baby skin is very sensitive.
  • No big toys on the bed or crib – there is the danger of suffocation in this case.
  • No small toys that can be swallowed – you don’t need an extra scare and a trip to the emergency room.
  • When your baby starts to crawl, you must make sure he/she can’t jump out of the bed.

Once the kids grow and are able to take care of themselves, you can have your fun with some bunk beds. They are practical, fun, and help you save space.

The room atmosphere

How is the atmosphere in the room? Is there a draft when you open the door? Do you feel some extra humidity during the cold months? These are great questions to check if the baby’s health is safe while in the bedroom.

If you feel drafts or the doors and windows are a bit old, you should consider replacing them. Modern designs, like the timber hardwood windows and doors by Hugo Carter offer a wide range of advantages. Besides the fact that you will completely get rid of any drafts or screaks, you’ll also enjoy the benefits of custom-made products.

This is a valid point regardless of age – anyone can get a cold from staying in a drafty area.

The furniture & toys

If your kids started crawling, you should baby-proof the room. Anchor big cabinets to the walls and make sure there aren’t any drawers that can be used as stairs. Babies are very creative when it comes to doing bad things!

As the kids grow, the bedroom will overcome some changes. The same will happen with the furniture and the toys. Even more, it will be a great joy to decorate the kids’ bedroom with your kids. And it doesn’t have to be an expensive makeover, just a few details that will make the room age appropriate. The fun part is that now it will be a family project!

As you can see, the bedroom will develop and change with your kids. It is the room where they’ll feel safe during childhood and you’ll love to invest time and energy in creating a safe and harmonious space for them.


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