Essentials For Any Child’s Wardrobe in Winter

If you haven’t already noticed, we are in the full swing of autumn. I am still in a bit of denial about it, though. We recently put the heating back on so think we need to stop trying to embrace summer wear! It is time for all things autumnal and getting prepped for winter. The thing with my own

The thing with my own clothes is that I can just bring out my chunky knits, scarves and boots from last year. I don’t know if it is a good thing or a bad thing that I am still the same size? With my children it is a little more tricky, though. As much as I’d like them to still fit in the same things from last winter, they won’t. And I kind of have to refresh myself on what I need to get for them, so I don’t buy too much and waste money. I think we are lucky in the UK that our climate is quite mild, as much as we might complain about it. But here are the things that I think all kids need for their winter wardrobe.


  • Hat

We lose a lot of heat through our head. So a hat is key for all of us during winter. I think it is especially important for little ones in a pushchair. As they aren’t moving around walking (or running away from mummy in a toddler’s case), they can feel the cold more than we do.

  • Gloves or Mittens

Keeping little one’s hands toasty warm is important in winter. I know my children get cold hands really easily. It makes sense as blood doesn’t hit the extremities in the cold, as it focuses on keeping your vital organs warm. So any extra heat we can give them is key. Wool or fleece are the best fabrics for gloves or mittens. How adorable are these ones with strings from Petit Bateau? Because how much are our kids going to lose one of their gloves within a few minutes?!


  • Cardigans or Hoodie

It is all about layering in winter, especially when we have such a changeable climate. So cardigans and hoodies, that can be worn over tops, but under coats, is always a good idea. At least two is a must, so you’ll always have one clean and ready.

  • Welly Boots

Because how else are our kids meant to splash in the muddy puddles? Oh, and keep their feet dry from the rain 😉 There is no need to put off going out in the rain if you’ve got a good pair of wellington boots!


  • Durable Coat

Having a coat that is warm, as well as waterproof is essential. I like for my kids’ coats to have a hood, so you get double the protection from a hood and hat. But down to personal preference really. I tend to get a coat that is a little too big for them. It will last longer, as well as allowing room for layers underneath. Chloe has had a coat from Vertbaudet that has a zip in fleece. I love it as it makes sure that she is kept extra cosy.

Have you got any essentials for your little ones during winter?


*collaborative post

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