Chloe | 10 months

I know I pretty much start each of the monthly updates the same way, but time is going sooo super quickly! Now that Chloe is 10 months old, it means that in just 2 months, she’ll be one. A whole ONE. Madness. For anyone that is pregnant or has a newborn, just enjoy it. They’re not that tiny and dependant for long.


At 10 months old though, Chloe thinks she would be great as an ambassador for Beebies Babystore as she would love to try out the fab range of products that they sell. She thinks she is the perfect age to be the best ambassador for all of their lovely products.

  • She is still being breastfed with expressed milk occasionally too, so there are a range of things from the feeding section of the store that she could try out.
  • As Chloe is being weaned too (very messily), so testing out some of the fantastic bibs Beebies sell, or even a high chair, would be perfect.
  • Chloe loves bath time. Literally, her favourite thing. So as a result, she’s reluctant to get out. Testing out a CuddleDry Apron towel would certainly help!
  • Chloe and her big brother Max (aged 3) love playing together and causing havoc around the house. They would love to dress up as super heroes together with the amazingly-awesome superhero capes on the Beebies website.
  • Chloe is pulling herself up and starting to take steps so is just the right out to be testing the lovely range of shoes (we recently got her first ever pair to wear around the house and she couldn’t stop looking at them and staring at them – future Imelda Marcos)??


  • We love to take trips out and about too so we could give any pushchair or accessories a whirl.
  • Chloe is also at the right age to be testing out rockers and ride-ons, of which Beebies have a lovely range.
  • She is mega cute! Just look at those lovely big eyes, cute little cheeks and happy smiley face. She is always complemented on how gorgeous she is (mostly comments about her big eyes) so she thinks mummy’s blog posts or video reviews for Beebies would look all the better for having little Chloe as the star.
  • Mummy writes a lot of product reviews on her blog already, that are always honest and what we have really thought about the product, so don’t you think she would be a perfect ambassador too? 🙂

Rebecca x

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*This is our application to be a Beebies Baby Store Brand Ambassador #WeLoveBeebies

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