Chloe | 13 months

She is a full on whole year old now – mental!

Our little girl can be a little high maintenance but at the moment I think a lot of it is from frustration – you can tell she wants to be walking but she can take like one step and then drops. She laughs her head off if you hold both hands and let her walk around but isn’t so good with only one hand. I guess it is a confidence thing. I think I need to get the reigns out so she can build up her confidence and take her for walkies! 🙂

Chloe still loves to be held though and have cuddles. Everyone tells me that is unusual for a girl, but hey, I’m not complaining. She is super smiley as ever and everyone we see in the shops etc comments on her eyes and then she gives them a huge toothy grin – she is a right little flirt.

Speaking of the little, she is very petite. I’m not sure how that happened (her brother was a huge baby) but she was weighed for her 12 month appointment and she is only 18lbs (25th%). She has stayed in the 75th% for length though, basically since she was born so they weren’t particularly concerned about her weight. She eats anything in sight, and lots of it, she is just super wriggly and very active so I guess she just burns it all off – or is destined to be a supermodel!

These pictures were just taken on a sunny Sunday afternoon, a bit of an impromptu photo shoot – hence the dirty face and crazy hair. I just think these show her cute little personality though – love looking at them.

DSC_0021 DSC_0020 DSC_0016 DSC_0014DSC_0023

Happy 13th months baby girl!

Rebecca x

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