Chloe | 4 Months

Well, well, well. Here we are at four months, I can hardly believe it. What has changed with our little Chloe bean in the past month?

  • Chloe can roll both ways, from her back to her tummy and from her tummy to her back – I think we need to remind her she is only 4 months old? I really don’t remember all of this happening so early with her big brother.
  • Chloe still has lots of hair, none of it has fallen out (which to be fair, I’m not surprised about)
  • She is such a happy, smiley girl. As long as she is fed she has the biggest smile for everyone
  • Max loves to make her laugh and it is so cute to see
  • On the last weight in at 16 weeks, she was just under 14lbs at 13lbs 15.5oz
  • She is a little chatter box. I guess it goes with her happy and content nature but she just babbles on and on (and really loudly)
  • We thought we had cracked the sleeping through the night thing, but she was tricking us! We had just over 2 weeks of sleeping fully through the night last month but then more recently has resorted back to 2 or 3 times per night. I have been blaming the heat. At least I know she can sleep through and go without being fed in the night. Just need to work on getting her back into that now!
  • Chloe loves splashing in bath and making lots of mess with her brother
  • She has had a few cheeky spoonful’s of some proper food – a little bit of baby rice, some mashed banana and a suck on some watermelon. All went down well. I’m not sure if we’ll start properly weaning her until 6 months but happy to give her a few little tastes here and there.

20140715_110234 20140726_142201


We just love our little Chloe girl and are so blessed to be parents to such a happy and healthy little one.


Rebecca x

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