Chloe | 6 months

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Feels like no time ago I was writing up her 5 months post. Granted, that one was delayed, but still, time is flying. 6 months feels like no time at all. But when I think about all that babies go through during that time, it blows my mind.

How much Chloe has changed from when she was first born and now, in just this short 6 months, she is doing all sorts. Crawling, rolling, chattering, eating solid food, laughing, gurgling and bouncing (gotta love the jumperoo). She is into everything as she is really getting up speed when she crawls. Max had gone to the potty and hadn’t told me – luckily I noticed right before Chloe had crawled over to it and attempted to put her hand near it *mummy fail*. The joys of them having older siblings.

It is really cute to see how Max and Chloe are together though. Max pays her much more interest now that she reacts to him and laughs and plays. Chloe bean loves being in the jumperoo and Max particularly likes to help her bounce on it and show her how all the toys on it work, which she thinks is the funniest thing ever – such a cute little laugh. Chloe has dimples too which are the cutest (and we’re not entirely sure which side of the family they came from, but hey).

We have started properly weaning little miss, just had a few tastes before now. I’m hoping this will help her to sleep through the night. This would be my only complaint. From about 12 weeks she started to sleep through, which was great. But about a month or so later, when it was really hot weather, she started to wake in the night again. And still does 🙁 She’s very different to Max and doesn’t settle as easily as he did so we will see how it goes… anyone got any tips??

I hpe the next 6 months don’t got as quick as these have – then I’ll have a 1 year old – eeeek!

Rebecca x

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  • Doesn’t it just fly by?! As you know, I’ve got a rubbish sleeper too, solids haven’t helped! But we are doing baby led weaning so I think it’s steady and slow wins the race in this case! No tips I’m afraid 🙁 xx

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