Chloe | 7 Months


Our little Chloe-Bean is now 7 months old – crazy!

  • She is so strong and pulls herself up (seriously baby girl, please stop being so grown up).
  • Can sit unaided really well but doesn’t really like to – she prefers to stand holding your hands and take little steps.
  • We’ve been to two different countries with her, Spain & currently in the USA. She was pretty good at flying, just such a wriggler.
  • She has the best laugh and cutest little simples.
  • She has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. Serious daddy’s girl right here.
  • In size 3 nappies as she weighs 16lbs (40th%).
  • Is well and truly getting into the swing of weaning. I tried purees with here to start with, for her first tastes, but we are a bit more on ‘baby-led’ weaning now as she wants to be very independent and hold the food and feed herself with it. It was a struggle to get her fed with a spoon as she’s constantly grab it, even if I gave her another one to hold.
  • On occasions where I give her a food pouch, she has now decided that she can suck it straight from the pouch – such a crack up!
  • We’re still breastfeeding – wahoo! I’m really proud that we’ve got to this point and can count the number of times she has had a bottle with formula in, on one hand. She’s still good at nursing so hope to keep it up a while longer yet.
  • Chloe is really good at napping.
  • Chloe is really bad at sleeping during the night. I mean, she does sleep and have a bed-time but she still wakes up every now and again. It’s hit and miss but quite often that I’m woken at least once. So that’s fun…
  • She is picking up speed on the crawling front. Still ‘army-style’ with her arms but pushes on her knees. If there is something she wants so will zoom straight to get it. So lots of making sure her big brother hasn’t dropped anything delightful for her to find on the floor. Getting a Christmas tree will be interesting.
  • Her hair is growing at speed. I’m wondering if we should get it cut soon to even it all out or if that is too early?
  • Bath time is her best time. Chloe could literally stay in the bath for hours if I let her.
  • She is, on the whole, really chilled and easy going. Such a lovely little girl!

Time is flying baby girl, we love you so!



Rebecca x

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