Chloe | 9 Months

Little Miss Bean is 9 months old – say whaaat?!

Literally can’t believe that in a short time it will be her first birthday. We’ve started the transition over to 9-12 month clothes (though she’s pretty skinny so won’t be wearing all of them for a while), so you know that 12 months will be here in no time.

The biggest changes we’ve seen since last month is her two new teeth, on her bottom gums. She coped really well with the teething pain and was just quite clingy (I remember her brother being much worse so was dreading teething again). Luckily, we have a new KangaWrap so I could just put her in that and then I could get on with things and she would be kept happy.


We have obviously just celebrated her first Christmas and she got some lovely new things to help her learn and develop. She is particularly loving the pushchair / walker and dolly that my parents got her. She loves pushing it around the living room. I know it will probably be a while before she is fully walking but this gives her a bit of independence and gives her confidence to her walking in the next few months.

In other news, she is brilliant at eating. She will eat everything and anything and is very happy to feed herself if I chop it all up and put it on her tray. One of her favourite things is beans and she loves basically any fruit – particularly clementines, strawberries and blueberries. Chloe still doesn’t sleep through the night, but the stints are getting longer and longer. We’ll get there eventually. Its funny how one thing worked well with one of my children but doesn’t work at all for the other. Its like they come with their own personalities or something?! 😉

Love my girl!


Rebecca x

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  • Aww she is so cute, she looks so grown up with her lovely long hair! My little girl is almost 13 months and is practically bald!!! I cannot wait to be able to put clips etc in her hair and make her look like a girl! x