Chloe at 18 months

Well, well, well – 18 months old!

I have been a bit rubbish with the monthly updates but I thought at 18 months it was a significant time to update and record what is going on with Little Miss Bean.

  • She has been uber-teething lately. She went from 6 teeth, that she had for several months, to in the space of about a week, having nearly a full set – molars included. Generally she has been a trooper and I have hardly noticed them appearing, just the occasional clingy day.
  • Chloe still eats like a beast! She will eat her dinner, and any leftovers, and her brother’s food and still want more. Still really skinny though – lucky girl! She is still on the low end of the weight spectrum, still around 80th for length. Her favourite foods are blueberries, yoghurt and pasta (not all together) 😉 she would eat a whole punnet of blueberries if I left her to it.
  • She makes so much noise! Lots and lots of babbling and chatting. Learning and saying more and more words but there are only a handful of ‘proper’ words that she actually says. She is showing understanding of what we say to her though and has the cutest little voice. I was dropping Max of at nursery the other morning and several of the other mums comment on just how cute she sounds and how they miss that age with their little ones.

IMG_1080 IMG_0623 IMG_0622-0

  • Chloe is little miss high maintenance. I always remember that one episode of Friends, when Monica is trying to convince them all that she isn’t high maintenance (when really she is) and he shouts ‘I am not high maintenance’! I say this a lot to Chloe a lot and laugh. She is the complete opposite to her brother in that way – she knows what she wants and has to have it that way.
  • She is really inquisitive and likes to play with certain toys. I like this kind of age when they drag certain toys around – she is always dragging a dolly or a train around with her. Super cute. Chloe also loves to play with her brother and they chase each other around. They have the cutest laughing fits together (that is, when Max isn’t winding her up and making her mad – as I’ve said, she knows what she wants and if he gets in the way it can be dramarama).
  • Chloe has started nursery at our church one morning a week. Max did the same at her age and he was super clingy and didn’t want to leave my sight. Chloe on the other hand doesn’t care – she just runs straight in and gets playing with the toys. Not sure how much she will actually be listening to the nursery leaders though!

It still amazes me just how different two children can be, that are raised the same and are from the same parents – my two are different in every way, so takes some adjusting and to stop comparing on my part. Love this little pickle!

Rebecca x

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