Chloe at Two!

This is a bit of a delayed post due to traveling and getting all ready for that. But at the beginning of the month, my baby girl turned two years old – I can’t quite believe it! We had a fun time just as our family, at Godstone Farm to celebrate, because this girl loves animals! She is very much at the ‘what does this animal say’ stage and she will moo or bark right back at ya. So funny and I need to get in on camera!

I can remember being sat watching ‘One Born Every Minute’ the night before we would be going into the hospital, like it was yesterday (who knows why that was my viewing of choice)?! My mother-in-law stayed over that night as we had to be at the hospital bright and early and so she could take care of Max. Then not knowing if I would be induced or have a caesarian, we trundled off to the hospital. Only a few hours later and our daughter was here, arriving by a c-section due to her positioning. Our Chloe Rebecca entered the world…

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.29.47

Chloe has been highly strung from the start. She knows what she wants and makes sure that you know about it too. I can remember so hard just trying to get her to take a dummy and she would refuse. I breastfed her but I would express on occasion and try to give it to her in a bottle. Nope, not having it. Even if it was not me holding her. It was very much a case of if it wasn’t exactly how she wanted it, she would let you know about it!


I love her feisty and sassy personality, though. She can also be very sweet and gentle, but I don’t think I would ever describe her as calm, like I would her brother. She has the best laugh and the happiest smile. Even if things aren’t her way, the mood doesn’t last long. She will play and chat along with everyone (she is super chatty and is so convinced in what she is on about). I would certainly describe her as a ray of sunshine – she is happy and friendly to everyone.


Chloe is Miss Independent and doesn’t like to be in the buggy any more if she can help it – I’m not ready for that! She is quite happy to help me push the double buggy, though – such a pickle. She likes to explore and loves being outside. Literally adores it. She is the opposite of her big brother and loves getting muddy. She is happy to sit and dig in the garden, play with bugs she finds and splash in puddles. Fun to watch, just not so fun for the laundry pile!


Chloe has been my best eater, by far! She will eat anything that I give to her – including things like chia pudding and green smoothies, that her brother wouldn’t touch with a barge pole! She has been on a few holidays including WalesSpain, France, Chicago, Dubai and Thailand. But isn’t the best at traveling. I’m thinking this summer should be much better as she will have her own seat and her attention span is much longer. One of her favourite things to do is draw and colour – she will spend ages doing it (just need to make sure she is supervised, mind) 😉

I like having our mornings together when Max is at nursery and like to shop, explore or go swimming. I’m so happy that I have a daughter, and that daughter is Chloe.

Happy 2nd Birthday, baby girl. Mummy and daddy love you so much!


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