“Elementary, My Dear Chloe” | BEAR Nibbles Secret Spy Kit

Now that there is just Chloe and I at home in the daytime, I am always looking for new things that we can do together. There are only so many times that you can feed the ducks at the local pond, visit the park or go out on the balance bike. I try to do as many things as we can that are cheap or free too. Otherwise it can really add up when you are trying to do something each day.

So one thing that we have discovered is really fun is the BEAR nibbles secret spy cards and set. We buy the YoYos anyway (Max has collected the cards for a while now), and I’m a big fan of their cereal too (hello no sugar). But they have a new secret spy range of cards to collect. We were sent over a secret spy kit to have some spy and detective adventures in the comfort of our own home.

“We solve crimes. I blog about it…”- John Watson



We were sent a stamper kit which can be used for fingerprints. It was fun to make some fingerprint pictures with Chloe and look through them with the magnifying glass. But the most fun thing was making some invisible ink. Though Chloe isn’t writing anything in particular yet, she loves to doodle. So it was pretty magic when the ink was revealed and saw it. Literally think she thought it was magic!

To make your own invisible ink, you will need:

  • a lemon
  • piece of paper
  • hairdryer
  • paintbrush

Squeeze the lemon juice into a cup or bowl. Then you just need to dip the paintbrush into the lemon juice. Then Chloe doodled away on the paper. We left it to dry and then took the paper upstairs to use the hairdryer. We just used it on a low setting so that the paper didn’t blow away or burn. But as it all starts to heat up, the ‘message’ on the paper is revealed. It was so funny  to see her reaction to it.





So it is pretty easy to make your own invisible ink or do some fingerprints. But if you’re after a spy kit, you can register on the BEAR nibbles website to get one sent, along with some stickers for your little ones. Then you can have some spy adventures of your own.


*thanks to BEAR for sending us over this spy kit. All opinions are my own.

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