Chloe is 1!

I am still in shock that two days ago, my baby was one! I know everyone says it but haven’t known time to fly as fast since being a parent. And it just gets quicker! I think Max’s first year seemed to go quite slowly, to me anyway, but Chloe’s first year has zoomed by. She has fit in so much and is growing up to be such a gorgeous and smiley babe.

~ Chloe has visited two countries, USA (Chicago) and Spain (three if you count our week in Wales 🙂 )

~ She has 6 teeth and it totally changes how she looks. It is always a fun time trying to ‘brush’ her teeth! Very tricky to do when daddy isn’t back from work and I feel like I need an extra pair of hands to pin her down haha.

~ Literally every person we meet comments on her huge eyes, such a beauty

~ She has had two haircuts

~ Chloe finally sleeps through the night, finally at 10 months old she did it – phew!

~ Her favourite foods are fruits! Can’t get enough, particularly strawberries and blueberries. She eats pretty much anything though, I don’t know how she has stayed so petite because she is a gannet.

~ Not walking yet but has been pulling herself up and moving across things like the sofa for a while now.

~ Says ‘dada’ and ‘yeah’ quite a lot and lots of just general babbling and chattering. I love her little noises and the sounds she makes.

~ I’m pretty sure her favourite person is her brother. She loves the time they spend together and he is so good with her. He makes her laugh and keeps her entertained.

~ She is pretty chilled, most of the time, and will entertain herself for a while (as long as she has been fed adequately haha).

~ Chloe can be pretty particular about things, they have to be ‘just so’. Quite like her mother then!


~ We love her so much and are so happy to have her. She has such an infectious laugh and grin she instantly make strangers fall in love with her!

These are just a few of the pictures we took on her birthday. I am still pretty opposed to baby birthday parties (she spent most of the afternoon asleep, they really have no idea what is going on), but we did celebrate with family and visited a national trust site in York, had lunch out and then opened present, did and Easter egg hunt had cake.

DSC_0457 DSC_0438 DSC_0415

We love you Miss Bean (yep, Bean or Beanie are your nicknames, not quite sure where they came from but they are). Our beautiful daughter, we are so excited for the rest of your life and what the future holds for you but will be quite happy if that isn’t too soon 🙂


Rebecca x

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