Chloe is 8!

It is hard to believe that eight years ago I had my second child; Chloe. She was a week overdue, and I was scheduled to be induced after a week (for a number of reasons). It then turned into a c-section, again, for a number of reasons, and she was born fairly shortly after we arrived that morning at the hospital. Born with a head full of really dark hair, I wasn’t sure where she came from compared to her blonde elder brother! 

Chloe has been strong willed and known exactly what she wanted right from the start. Having said that, it is something that I think will stand her in good stead later on in life. As she gets older, I have come to realise that we are quite opposite in a lot of ways, other than in looks, but the differences are what makes life fun, and we can certainly learn something from each other. Chloe is a lot more chilled out than I am, and takes her time with things. When I ask for a chore to be done, I need to remember that it will get done, just not on my timeline (which basically means immediately). It will be on Chloe time.

Since her last birthday it has been quite an adventure. With all of COVID going on it has been a tough time when it comes to schooling, but she takes it all in and has been trying and working so hard at school. Being on maternity leave now has allowed me to help more with things like timetables and I think it has really made a difference. Her reading has come on leaps and bounds, and when reading in class, it has really helped her confidence to bloom. 

We’ve all had COVID, which was an experience, but even then, she took it all in her stride and didn’t complain at all. Well, maybe just how boring it was to be stuck at home! Chloe has also taken her first grade in ballet, getting the top ranking, which is another thing that really boosted her confidence. I look forward to being able to watch her ballet lessons again, if that will ever happen, as she thrives when dancing. Between tap, modern, and ballet, she is a dancing queen!

Since becoming a big sister, she has really grown and changed. It is great to see a different side to her now, an older and wiser sister, caring, careful, and kind. She loves to make her baby brother laugh and help to change him and dress him (yes, even nappies) and is a massive helper when it comes to him having a bath. Chloe has taken it all in her stride and has stepped up to be helpful at home and done all of her chores.

I am so lucky to have her in our family and have her on the girl squad. We are outnumbered by boys now after all. I learn so much from her everyday, and her creativity, passion, and calmness really does astound me. As I’ve said, we’re different in a number of ways, but I think we can help each other to learn and grow as the years go on. I look forward to many more happy memories with her, my baby girl. Happy birthday, Chloe. Can’t believe you’re eight!

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