Chloe at Three!

While we were away on holiday over the past couple of weeks, Chloe had her third birthday! One and two I could cope with, but three?! It is just so official. A proper little lady on our hands, no longer a toddler or a baby.

She is the sass queen and full of chatter and personality, making everyone smile. At nursery the first time she went, they were all saying ‘Hi Chloe’. She adamantly told her that she was called Chlo-Bo, not Chloe. Ha, those nicknames at home just stick I guess! Here is what she is up to these days and what milestones she has achieved.


Weight: I am literally the worst for this. She has always been in the 50th percentile, though. Last time she was weighed she was 14kg.

Height: she is a little dinky one, at just over 90cm (around the 65th percentile)

Sleep: Chloe tends to wake up around 7.30am, when I go in to wake her for the madness that is the school run. On a weekend, it is more like 8am. She was a terrible sleeper when she was younger so I feel like I deserve a good sleeper now, ha. She goes to bed at 8pm each night, otherwise she’s only see her dad on the weekends, as he commutes to London for work. She will nap occasionally in the afternoon, but not always. It tends to happen on the days she has nursery in the morning.

Routine: Chloe goes to preschool two mornings a week at the moment. From September she will go for five mornings a week. She is really loving it there and it is so cute when she shows me her creations or tells me about her friends there. She has two that I hear about regularly, Brody and Barnes. For now, it is Chloe and Mama time when Max is at school.

Play Time: I love that Chloe has an older brother, as we haven’t got her lots of new toys. So they share and uses his old toys, as well as a few bits of her own. So cars, trains and dinosaurs feature a lot in her play. She loves dolls, feeding and brushing their hair. But she’s equally happy to push a storm trooper or spiderman around in the little pushchair too. She likes to watch My Little Pony, Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol and random egg opening videos on YouTube (?!) She loved our recent trip to Disney and seeing the princesses. Her favourites are Belle and Rapunzel. She says that she is Moana and her brother is Maui. Chloe loves to chat and sing a lot! She loves dancing too and pretending to be a cat, bless her. All animals are her jam. She honestly is happy with a variety of things. Chloe much prefers make believe things like a play kitchen much more than her brother ever did, who preferred things like puzzles.



Speech: We did have a few concerns over Chloe’s speech for a little while. It wasn’t that she wasn’t saying anything, she’d talk all the time. It was just a lot of babble. We have seen a speech therapist though and haven’t been referred any further. Just to see how things go. She speaks so much more clearly now, though, so I think all will be well.

Potty Training: I was dreading the day, as we attempted before Christmas and it did not go well. But we did it in the February half term and it went so well. She was much more ready for it. No accidents at nursery or anything either – yahoo! Straight into knickers. She made herself dry at night at the same time too. Girls are definitely easier than boys for that in my experience.


Feeding: Chloe was my dream eater for a while. She would literally eat anything that you put in front of her. She’d chow down on my chia pudding like anything. But these days is a lot more fussy and tells us quite often that she ‘can’t like it’. I’m a bit of a stickler for eating well, though, and won’t let my kids be fussy. They get what I give them or not a lot else! She hates milk, in its pure form anyway. So often has dry cereal (her choice not mine) or with almond milk. She’s fine with milk in yoghurts and desserts, of course 😉

Chlo-Bo we love you! Thanks for being our little superstar. You keep us on our toes and make life lots of fun. We are loving seeing your big personality shining – you certainly know what you want, which will stand you in good stead when you are older (even if it is hard work right now) 😉 You’re full of energy, big smiles, laughter and giggle!

Rebecca x

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