Chocolates Delivered To You? Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club Review

You’ve heard of getting your groceries delivered, your takeaways, and even fresh flowers. Bit what about getting a luxurious box of chocolates delivered right to your door each month? There are many subscription boxes out there from beauty to food, so is the Hotel Chocolat tasting club with trying out?



What is it?

In short, the Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club is a subscription box service where you can get a discounted box of chocolates delivered to you once a month. You can choose the type of box that you go for (for example, dark chocolate if you don’t have dairy, or alcohol-free if you don’t like liquor chocolates). We have been trying out a Classic Tasting Club Box which has been very tasty, with chocolates to suit all of the family. To get a choice of the box you get delivered is great as everyone has different preferences. Some subscription services just send you any old thing out each month, whether it is of interest or not. Some people may prefer the ‘surprise’ element of that, but I like to know I am getting my moneys worth.



The bonus of the Tasting Club, is that it is just that. You get to try some new flavours before they are even out in the shops. You  can rate them on the card enclosed and give your feedback. So if there is one that is extra tasty that you’d love to see in the stores, then you can totally influence that. Every month, the box is unique and freshly chosen by the in-house chocolatiers. So you’ll get to try some new things. There were favours I had never tried before, like white chocolate, peach, and jasmine, in our box. Totally loved it! Though you do still see some classics, like the pecan praline, raspberry panacotta, and the supremely caesar.  So it is a fun mix, especially good for chocolate lovers.

How Much Is It?

Your first box will be £9.95 delivered to your door, including an extra little gift of some chocolate gem stones. To say the box of chocolates would cost at least £20 full price, you are getting a bargain. So even if you wanted to order one as a gift for someone, or want your first box and then cancel, it is a pretty good deal. Good value for money as the ingredients are top quality. Plus the finish on the chocolates is much better than you’d ever find in a standard supermarket box.



How Flexible Is It?

If, as I have mentioned, you just want to order one box and be done with it, then you can totally do that. There is a flexible approach to the Tasting Club from Hotel Chocolat. As a member, you can cancel at any time. But it doesn’t mean you can’t start again at some point in the future. So what is not to love?

Would I Recommend It?

We are Hotel Chocolat fans in our house, it has to be said. And as such, we have joined the Tasting Club before now. So yes, I would totally recommend giving it a try! You get to enjoy some new flavours of chocolates, as well as get a bit of a bargain! I know that mostly might not be an option for everyone, but you can choose how often you get them, or cancel, and then start again at another point. I like that you have the flexibility to do just that, so it will be suitable for a wide range of people. I think you get value for money and the range of boxes have some seriously tasty chocolates in them. Other than the alcohol ones (I don’t drink so they’re not my favourites, but the husband has those ones), there weren’t any that I disliked. Big thumbs up from us!

Have you ever heard of the Tasting Club before? Do you think you’d ever like to give it a go? Would love to hear what you think!

Rebecca x*the chocolates were gifted in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

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