Artist’s Best Friend: Here’s How to Choose the Best Drawing Tablet

It’s probably your first time searching for a drawing tablet and you are wondering how to go about choosing one. Knowing what aspects to take into consideration will go a long way in helping you to make an informed decision about the type of tablet you want to purchase. Hopefully, this article will guide you in choosing a drawing tablet that meets your needs.

Pressure Sensitivity 

Drawing tablets capture pressure information as well as your pen’s motion. Most of these gadgets are designed with pressure sensitivity that keeps track of the pressure. Tablets with pressure levels of 2048 capture more details compared to the gadget with pressure levels of 1024. In simpler terms, a tablet with higher pressure sensitivity will provide more variety in terms of line thickness.


Controls are also crucial when it comes to choosing a drawing tablet. Most of these gadgets incorporate functional keys that are programmable in accordance with your needs. Some models will include keys around the graphics area while others will have keys on the pen. Pens that have these functional keys will help save time, making it possible for you to utilize shortcuts and reach your favorite setting without having to navigate in the tablet.


When it comes to selecting a drawing tablet, the size of your gadget can make a great difference. Among the recommended drawing tablets are those which come with a greater surface to give you so much room to come with. Large drawing tablets usually have more shortcuts and higher input qualities, thus providing the efficiency you need.


The resolution of a tablet is measured in LPI or lines per inch which is a means for measuring print resolution that utilizes halftone screens. Halftone comprises dots that are similar to DPI resolution (dots per inch) in digital printing. Ideally, when it comes to LPI, dots are put in lines which are measured by their closeness on the grid. A higher LPI implies significant sharpness and greater detail.

Reports per Second

Reports per second or points per second refer to the number of times a tablet notifies the computer every second your pen or hand is on the surface of a tablet. A faster or higher points per second imply the tablet is better and more responsive while a gadget with slower or lower points per second implies a poor and less responsive device. A drawing tablet with a high response can create smoother lines while low response gadgets create jaggy lines.

The above are essential pointers to take into account when you are planning to buy a drawing tablet. Among the pointers above, you need to ensure you get a durable gadget. You don’t want to get something which will break or shut down at the sign of stress. Apart from that, the drawing tablet you want to buy should be within the limits of your budget. Most of these devices vary in prices, therefore it is important to first ascertain the amount you are willing to spend before you can decide on the specifications.

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