Tips for Taking The Children Abroad For Christmas

Having a holiday abroad is always an exciting experience for any family. Even more so if you’re on holiday for Christmas. Whether you’re visiting family or just taking a much-needed break, Christmas abroad is a wonderful treat. It can be easy to forget that it’s Christmas at all when the sun is shining, and you’re relaxing by the pool. So how can you make it special even you’re abroad? You don’t want your children to miss out on feeling festive just because they are on holiday. Read these top tips to make it stress-free and magical no matter where you are.

Tips for Taking the Children

Taking Presents with You

If you intend to take your Christmas presents with you, always make sure your insurance covers valuable gifts and toys. Suitcases can get lost or damaged, so it’s safer to get the right insurance. You can buy the majority of your Christmas presents while you’re abroad. But don’t forget that you will need sufficient space in your luggage to bring them back home. You may need to invest in an extra suitcase or pay for additional suitcase weight at the airport.

Also don’t wrap your presents until you get there. The airport staff may think you’re trying to hide something and unwrap your gifts. This can spoil the mystery for your children. Christmas gift bags or stockings are a great alternative to wrapping and take up less room. It might be easier to take smaller gifts and leave the larger more expensive gifts at home. This means you have had another mini-Christmas day when you get home.



Writing to Santa

Your children may get worried that Santa might not visit them if they are on holiday and not at home. Get your kids to write a letter to Santa before you leave on your trip. Explain that the letter is very important and will let him know where to find them. This should put their minds at rest. You can even create a response letter for them to find in your hotel room or villa. This will add even more excitement for the main event.

Plan some activities for Christmas day

If you’re not staying with family during your holiday, why not plan some exciting activities to do on Christmas day. This could be as simple or extravagant as you like. You want to make Christmas day as special as it usually is for your children. Depending on where you are you might be limited to what you can do, but get creative. Why not take a day trip to Lapland To visit Santa Claus? You could also watch the Northern lights and stay in an Aurora Bubble. This is a wondrous activity your family will always remember, and you can tick it off your bucket list. Or on a smaller scale why not organise a Christmas treasure hunt along the beach? There are countless possibilities just make sure it’s lots of fun and gets everybody involved. Also, think of a backup idea incase you are unable to travel, or the place you want to visit is closed for the day. You don’t want your kids to be disappointed, so plan in advance.

Being abroad doesn’t mean the magic of Christmas needs to be lost. Plan ahead and you’ll have the best Christmas you’ve ever had.

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