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The big day isn’t very far away now. So I thought I should get a gift guide together for all of the foodies out there. If you have people in your life that love to cook, eat, bake, drink, and try out new recipes, then this is the guide to help you to choose a gift for them.

I think that so often ‘food’ related items can be a bit of a basic choice, and we can all get overloaded with chocolate or mulled wine over Christmas. But I think that these few things are great, and a little different to what you normally might consider, so hopefully it gives you some ideas about what to get. It would be great to hear what you think.

Kids’ Pasta Making Kit

If you have little ones (or not so little ones) in your life that love to help out in the kitchen, then getting them a Pasta Making Kit from Pasta Evangelists, is a great choice. It comes with everything that they will need to make a great creation for all of the family, and learning to make pasta really is a amazing skill!

Suitable for children aged 5 and over, the kit comes with six-pieces to get them started, with child-friendly specialist pasta making tools, high quality ingredients and tips to help make the pasta. Priced at £25, I think this is pretty reasonable for what you get (and they do larger packs and kits for adults too).

X Muse Vodka

To start with, I always think that bottles of sprits always look good, and X Muse (pronounced Tenth Muse) is no exception. Clear, crisp, and elegant is how I would describe this bottle, even down to the wax sealed lid. From Scotland, this is a vodka that is uniquely blended using two varieties of barley, combined with exceptionally pure water, drawn from an ancient aquifer at Scotland’s Bonnington Estate.

X Muse is a vodka that can be sipped alone (or in a shot), as well as used to create some delicious cocktails. It has a smooth and aromatic flavour, which I think will be best with some lemon and a fruity tonic. There is definitely a fruity element to it, with the scent of fragrant apples and pears greeting you as you open the bottle. Priced at £55, I think this is reasonable for what you are getting, which is a luxury bottle of quality vodka. If you’ve got someone that loves a drink and it’s within your budget, then I’d definitely recommend.

Cookery School London Gift Vouchers

I recently was invited along to Cookery School London for a five hour cooking course all about vegetarian food and recipes. It was a really interesting experience and I learnt a lot from the chef on the course. They do a whole host of courses, though, from baking to fish, and everything in-between. And the great news is that they do gift vouchers, so the person you are giving it to can choose the course and date that is right for them.

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AD [invite] • I don’t seem to get much time to cook at the moment but it is something that I love to do 👩🏼‍🍳 And after being vegetarian for nearly two years now, it was great to go to the ultimate veggie cooking course @cookeryschoollondon to learn some new skills, tips, and recipes a couple of weeks ago 🌱🥬🥒🌶🥗🍲🥧🍮 They do all different cooking courses, not just veggie, but I really did learn a lot! The group of attendees purposely wasn’t huge either, so you can really get involved and ask the chef lots of questions. I’d definitely recommend it 👍🏻 #cookeryschoollondon #adinvite

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The prices vary, but I’d say that it is worth every penny, as if they are interested in food and cooking, then they’ll really enjoy it.

Booja-Booja Award Winning Chocolate Selection

If you are looking for a foodie gift that is more of a stocking filler, then how about trying out the Booja-Booja award winning selection of chocolates? Featuring a soft-touch box, the Booja-Booja Award Winning Selection is such a great for all. They are organic and dairy-free, but there is no sacrifice in taste, so they can be a that for people that do consume dairy, though it is great to have such tasty options for the dairy-free or vegan people in your life. The selection is alcohol-free, and the flavours really are incredible. The truffles are smooth, creamy, and really flavoursome, with choices like Espresso and Rhubarb & Vanilla.

The Booja-Booja Award-Winning Selection is available from Holland & Barrett, online and in store, and retails at £9.99 – so worth it for some luxury chocolates under the tree this winter.

Cream Vintage Cake Display Stand

If you have someone that would fit in on the Great British Bake Off, then they need somewhere to show off their tasty creations. Having a cake stand, whether for cupcakes or cakes, is a great addition to the kitchen, and any foodie will want to have one when hosting a dinner party. This vintage cake stand from Melody Maison is amazing, and looks so pretty with the intricate detail on the trim of it.

It is sturdy and well made, and being quite a neutral cream colour, it will fit with pretty much any kitchen decoration. Priced at under £17, I think it is a great idea for a friend or family member that loves to bake, as well as host.

Egguins Penguin Egg Holder

Red Candy is an online store that I really like, and I have bought quite a few things from there before. So it is a natural choice when looking for gifts, as they usually have some fun and unique choices. One of the new things that they have in is their Egguins Penguin Egg Holder. It is a super cute, and great for boiling a few eggs as a time, as the eggs can go in the penguin’s hollow middle, and then sit in a pan of boiling water. So from that point of view, it is a fun cooking gadget, but you can also use them as a tray to serve eggs when they’re ready, as well as using as a place to store the eggs (whether in the fridge or just in the kitchen).

Priced at £18 currently, I think it is pretty reasonable for what you get, if a little on the expensive side. But for someone that loves a kitchen gadget, loves to cook, or just loves penguins, it would work well as a gift because it isn’t really the thing that you would just buy yourself.

Have any of the things here taken your fancy? It would be great to hear what you think!

*items in the post have been gifted, but all opinions are my own, and would only recommend things that I would pay for myself.

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