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I have really enjoyed putting my gift guides together this year; it is something that takes time, but it is fine to check out and find some really different and unique pieces that would be great gifts to give, and discover some new brands and small businesses that are doing good things.

One of the final gift guides I have is a gift guide ‘for her.’ If you have a gal pal, girlfriend, mum, sister, or granny that is on your list, then hopefully, there are some ideas here for them. It would be great to hear what you think, as there are things for all different ages and budgets.

Letter Necklace from Gemz by Emz

I am someone that really likes a personalised gift. It just shows that there has been much more thought that has gone into it, compared to a generic ‘off the shelf’ kind of gift. This silver letter necklace from Gemz by Emz is a great idea for a gift, as you can have it personalised to add a name, loved ones initials or a favourite word. So you could make it sweet or put a funny nickname that will show something really personal.

The price of the necklace is £34.99, and the price includes 5 letters only, but you can add extra letters for an extra £2.40 per letter. Plus, if you’re buy a few of them, then you will get 10% off at the checkout automatically if you any three items from the site. You can free UK postage too – bonus!

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Bars

Guylian’s Chocolatiers have created a brand new product range, which will be a great stocking filler for your the ‘her’ in your life this Christmas. There is a selection of six different flavour individually wrapped mini bars (four small packs in each bar, so they mean that the keep fresh as they don’t need to be eaten all at once, and can work well for on the go).

I really like that each mini bar is individually wrapped, and the ones I have tried taste amazing. The flavours to choose from are Creamy Milk, Premium Dark (72%), Hazelnut and Salted Caramel. For something a little different, the range also has two flavours with reduce sugar, using plant-based stevia instead, the flavours being Milk and Intense Dark (84%).

Scaramanga – Vintage Leather Saddle Bag Handbag

If you are looking for something stylish for the fashionista in your life, then a vintage leather saddlebag handbag is a really good option this Christmas. I really like that this one is made to look vintage, rather than looking pristine, which I think it fab. The quality of the bag is amazing, and it has been made by expert artisan using traditional tools and techniques. The quality really shows. The material is sturdy too, so you know it will last for a while.

Priced at £68, I think the price is really reasonable for what you get. Of course, it isn’t going to be in the budget for everyone, but if it is, it will be a good option as it is good quality and will last. The store Scaramanga in general, have some lovely vintage and sustainable items.

White Embossed Pillar Candle

I love a candle in my life, so I can’t see why a candle won’t be a good option for one of the ladies on your to-buy list. I love the embossed print on this white pillar candle; it is so pretty! It would look good in most places, but would work well on a festive centrepieces this year as it has a subtle shabby chic charm. It is unscented, but that means it isn’t filled with loads of toxins.

This candle is from Melody Maison and priced at £4.95, it is an absolute barg!

Zodiac Charm Necklace from Hersey & Son

This is another necklace that you can make personal, as you can choose any star sign charm on the necklace. But if you are buying for a mum, then I think this is a really perfect gift idea, because it you can add more than one charm, so you can get the charms of their children’s star signs. The necklace is pretty and delicate, and really well made.

A single pendant, like the pisces one I have here, comes in at £40, and can be personalised, so I do think that you get good value for money with the silver necklace too. What combination would you go for? The good news is that there is free delivery on all purchases, and you can get 10% off purchases with the code HELLOHERSEY2019 until the end of December.

Personalised Items from Norma & Dorothy

I don’t know why I hadn’t heard of Norma & Dorothy before, but the range is so lovely, with the handmade items and personalised items. They do some really lovely things for weddings, but they have some great gifts for all different occasions too.

I think stationery works well as a gift, because it is something that everyone will make use of, one way or another. The notebook I chose was this one here, that can be personalised with a quote, as well as adding in a name or other personal touch. For £22, I think it is a good gift and worth the money, as it has that personal touch, but is really well made at the same time.

One of the other things that you could choose, as an example, is a first years book for a baby. My niece was born in the summer, so I thought this would be a lovely gift for her parents, so fill up with memories. The colour of the book and the font etc can be edited, so you can have it as you like it. You get 80 pages to fill in the book, so for £28, it is pretty good value for money.

Another option for a personalised gift for one of the ladies in your life is really lovely. A personalised chopping board is something that has a practical function, as it can be used, but it can also be a lovely thing to display, or just use for special occasions like using it as a cheeseboard for Christmas. The quality of this is really lovely, and the design and engraving is so neat and precise, so for £25, I think it is worth it. I think it’s great and would make a great gift.

Disney Collection from Mad Beauty

For some younger ladies in your life, getting some makeup can be a really fun thing to get as a stocking filler. And let’s face it, if it is Disney, then it is always going to be a good thing, right? This Disney Villains eye shadow palette comes with twelve colours, and I think they are really fun colours to play with and have a go with. Priced at £14.99, it is pretty reasonably priced for what you get.

Another option from Mad Beauty is the Disney Minnie Magic Bath Fizzers, which is a pack of 6 fruity strawberry scented fizzers. I know my children love this kind of the thing in the bath, so this will work well, and is just the right kind of price for a stocking filler, at £7.99

Society Socks

The socks from Society Socks describe themselves as a sock subscription with a cause, and as they do a range of socks for women, it could be a great thing to get for the lady in your life that you are buying for. With each subscription (two pairs a month) or with each pair of socks bought individually, another pair of socks is donated to charity. They are really looking to make a positive change in the world, and I think it is a really effective business model; you can do something good for others in a very simple way, and by buying the things that you need.

I really like that the sock designs are unlike others I have seen; they are bold, bright, expressive, and there is bound to be a few designs that would suit whoever you are buying for.

Has anything here taken your fancy? It would be great to hear what you think.

*contains PR samples. All opinions remain my own, and would only recommend something that I would buy myself.

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