Christmas Gift Ideas: For Her

Yes, yes, here is another gift guide! There will be a few coming your way over the next couple of weeks, as I know that plenty of people are starting their Christmas shopping (or at least budgeting and deciding what to get the people on your list). So I thought I would share a few things that could work for gifts for the women in your life (or perhaps it is just to help me to drop some hints) cough cough

Is there anything that you have on your list this year? It would be great to hear what you think.


1. Harry Potter Pyjama Top – £12 // 2. Marc Jacobs Daisy Twinkle Eau de Toilette Spray (50ml) – £39.95 // 3. Ugg Slippers in Fawn – £80 // 4. Hubert and George range* starting from £5 // 5. Deliciously Ella – The Plant based Cookbook – £7 // 6. Celeste Barber’s Challenge Accepted* – £16.99

7. Tropical Jungle Two Wick Candle – £10.39 // 8. Tesalate Phoenix Beach Towel* – £45 // 9. Marble Makeup Brush Set – £32 // 10. Longline Formal Coat – £20 // 11. Personalised Hand Luggage Case – £125 // 12. Harry Potter Pyjama Bottoms – £10

Two of my favourite things from the list are the super cute Hubert and George range, as well as the Tesalate towel. I love how quirky and cute the Hubert and George range is, with eggcups, mugs, plates, and plant pots. They are such a reasonable price too, so will work for any budget (they’d suit a Secret Santa style of gift as well I think). They are well made and they are just really cute; I think they’re fab and think they’d be great to find under your tree this Christmas.

The towel is so funky too; I love the design of it, though there are plenty of different styles to choose from. They are lightweight and fold up really small, with a little bag to keep it in. So makes it great for travel. But the best news for me is that it is sand-resistant, in that the and just wipes off, even if the towel gets wet. You can end up taking half of the beach with you with regular towels, so it is so nice to find one that doesn’t get full of sand. Not to mention that it dries quickly too, so it is winning all round.

Still looking for ideas? If so I think that luxury candles can be a good idea as the serve more than one purpose; they look good and can be a feature in the home, as well as making the home smell amazing and look all cosy and cute.

If you’ve got loved ones that are a little far away this Christmas season and you won’t get to see them, then thinking practically can be a good way to go. So think about gifts that they will like but won’t get damaged in the process of mailing them off. Flower delivery is a good example of something that works well as a gifts, as well as a gift for someone that is a littler further away. It is sure to add a smile to their face! Just check posting dates to make sure that it is going to make it in time.

I quite like the idea of giving something to be used for Christmas as a Christmas gift. Take something like wreaths, for example. Making one or having one delivered to them can be a really lovely thing, and they can make use of it right away. Even better when they get to have it sent and delivered.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? What are you most excited about giving as a gift this year? It would be great to hear if you have got anything in mind for your list this year. Hope you’ve enjoyed this gift guide and found it useful.

*This post contains PR samples and affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

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