Christmas Gift Inspiration for Kids

Argh, I can’t quite believe that we are nearly at the end of October. Autumn is in full swing and it will soon be Christmas. The poppies are starting to be sold now too, which always reminds me of the festive season with the red and green. So the question is, have you started your Christmas shopping yet?!

With some of the members of extended family we have made an ‘unnecessary present pact,’ as described by Martin Lewis. So we won’t have too many presents to get for the adults. But really, Christmas is more about the kids and their excitement when they see things under the tree on Christmas morning. So I have got together

Where’s the Unicorn Book – £4 // Betsy Frilly Pink Apron from Ragged Rose – £12 // Peppa Pig Set – £9.99 // Children’s Big Bird Gift Box from Boxwild – £28 // Gruffalo Trunki – £44.99

 Remote Control Helicopter – £22.99 // Lego Minecraft The Mushroom Island – £18.99 // Shimmeez Sequin Soft Toy from Menkind – £12.99 // Scooter – £49.99 // Fjällräven Kanken Classic Backpack – £80 // Personalised Christmas Canvas Sack from The Gift Experience –  £19.99

Betsy Frilly Pink Apron from Ragged Rose

For little boys and girls that love to cook and bake alongside you, then a little apron can be just the thing. I adore this one from Ragged Rose as the frills on it make it look quite vintage, but still so cute and adorable. I know my daughter would love this as she likes to help in the kitchen, and even better if there is something as cute as this that she can use as she helps. I think the price is reasonable too, so it could make a good stocking filler. The quality of it is amazing too.


Children’s Big Bird Gift Box from Boxwild

If you have little outdoor explorers that you are buying for this year, then this can be a great idea. Perhaps it can be a good idea to encourage children to get outdoors more too, regardless of the weather? It is a really well put together bird feeding set, and children can use the scoop to fill up the bird feeder as it runs low. The bird house can be painted by them too so it helps them to really get involved with the nature in the garden. Even a balcony or window can be a good place for this if there is a lack of space. The kit is all well put together.

Shimmeez Sequin Soft Toy from Menkind

Oh my word how cute is this little Shimmeez soft toy? My daughter has been loving it, but it is strangely satisfying to move the sequins up and down to change the colour of the toy or to make a pattern in it. Really fun and super cute. It is a good size for a soft toy, and there are many types to choose from, so you could choose an animal that will suit the taste of who you are buying for.

Personalised Christmas Canvas Sack from The Gift Experience

I love something with a bit of personalisation! And these canvas sacks from The Gift Experience are just too cute. I love the design on them, and they are so well made and put together; the quality is brilliant. It is a drawstring close so can keep the gifts and parcels secure in there, and the name design is really cute. Coming down on Christmas morning to find something with their name on can just add to the excitement I think, and it gives you somewhere to keep all of their new things for a while.

I remember having a large bag (essentially a bin bag), on Christmas morning when I was younger. So the designs have come a long way and these are so much nicer than anything like that. Though they are only used for a couple of days each year, they are well made so can be used year after year; I think they’re fab.

Skirt from Secret Projects

The Mini Secret Skirt from Secret Projects comes in at £25, and it is a reversible, cotton, wrap skirt for 3 – 6 year olds that comes in a waterproof zipper pouch. I like that it is a wrap style so it makes it last much longer (a great thing for little ones), as you can tie the skirt tighter the smaller the waist. The price is justified I think as this can last for quite a while. There are other products to choose from too, but think that this is the best one for children.

The amazing thing about Secret Projects is that all of their products are made and sold to empower women in India; they even run a 4 stage Training for Empowerment Programme with the women, so when you buy any of their products you are doing good. The items are handmade and they are an amazing quality with lovely fabrics.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Anything here take your fancy? It would be great to hear what you think.

*this gift guide contains some PR samples and affiliate links, however all opinions remain my own and I would only ever recommend something that I would buy or use myself or for my family.

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