Christmas Gift Ideas For Nature Lovers

Are you looking for something different to buy for your partner this Christmas? Knowing what to get, that not only is something that they will love, but also serves a purpose can be a tricky business. But if you have a partner that loves nature and the outdoors, then choosing something practical, as well as thoughtful could be a good choice.

It may be getting colder but Winter doesn’t have to prevent you from resuming the activities you love.


If venturing out into the countryside for fresh air and fun is what activates those endorphins, don’t let anything get in the way of that! The only thing holding you back right now, is the wrong clothes! For adventure to commence, you must be kitted out appropriately.  Poor quality clothing can not only be uncomfortable, but actually pretty dangerous.

To prevent injuries, make sure you have appropriate hiking shoes from somewhere like Hill Walk; windproof, waterproof and breathable hiking shoes will protect your feet from the cold, mud and various conditions you might encounter.

Hiking shoes or boots also offer support and stiffness; if you’re prone to a sprained ankle, you’re best bet is to opt for the boot for ankle coverage.

If you are participating in day hikes, then waterproof clothing is essential. The Englebert Strauss 3 in 1 functional jacket offers an outer jacket and a fleece jacket; two high-quality jackets combined in one to create a multifunctional clothing system. If the weather improves on your hike and the waterproof outer jacket is no longer required, the fleece inner jacket can also be worn on its own.

If you’re a family who love nothing more than nature and the outdoors, Englebert Strauss can provide for your every need. Their range of Menswear, womenswear and children’s wear will have you ready to climb mountains, explore coves and hidden beaches come rain, shine – or snow!

What are you planning to give this Christmas? Have you started your Christmas shopping?

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