Conscious Christmas Gifts: For Him

Social media can be a really wonderful thing, and it brings so much to my attention that I wouldn’t normally see. And a recent post I saw on Twitter was about plastic Halloween pumpkins at a pound store, with huge boxes filled with these pumpkins. The post was just point out how unnecessary these are, as they are just going to be used for a couple of days, and then more than likely, thrown out. Filling our world with more plastic that really isn’t necessary. If only there was a more natural alternative to a plastic pumpkin? 😉

So for most holiday occasions, there can be so much waste and endless amounts of plastic that we might choose for a cheap Secret Santa gift or for a stocking filler. But this year, I know am I going to be looking at more eco-friendly, sustainable, and conscious ways of giving gifts; who is with me? The tat and junk isn’t necessary, so it is time to get more conscious with the way that we shop. I’m all for still giving gifts, as that is one of the nicest parts of the season. But just making sure that they are better sourced and sustainable materials is a much better way of doing things.

I know that the words ‘sustainable’ and ‘conscious’ can sometimes feel like a bit of a trendy buzzwords of late, but for me they really are the way forward. I think that when you hear those words, if you haven’t looked into it very much, then you can think that it might just mean recycled or not well made, but that isn’t the case at all. You don’t have to compromise on quality or style to shop in a more conscious way. Online sites like Wearth London offer a large and varied range of products, but they are still of a good quality and have varied styles to suit everyone. They partner with independent sustainable and ethical UK brands, and around 80% of the products on their site are made in the UK. So that alone means that you are choosing a more conscious option when materials don’t have to travel as far.

You just have to know the right places to look and what to look out for really. But here are some of my top picks ‘for him’ this festive season. I think it is definitely about quality over quantity. Have you started your shopping yet?

Organic Beard Oil – £16

Made in the UK with natural and organic materials pretty much means it is a must for under the tree this year. Available in a range of scents, which are again, all natural.

Natural Teeth Whitening Set – £15

I have used something very similar to this before and it had great results, so I’m sure this will too. I like that it is something that you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself, so makes it a good gift. It is vegan friendly, natural, and sustainable (and the toothbrush is bamboo).

Large Stainless Steel Lunch Box – £18

For a meal-prepper this is a must; much better than all of that plastic, and I imagine it will keep your food cooler (or warmer for something hot), for longer than a plastic tub would.

Reclaimed Block Lamp – £95

How awesome is this? Handmade in the UK using recycled materials, and it will be a really funky piece to have in the home.

Natural Soy Wax Candles – £12

Who doesn’t love a scented candle? Well, I know I don’t unless they’re made from soy wax or bees wax, just like this one. Much better to have it brining in the home when it is all natural.

Vegan Paper Bag Backpack* – £30

I have one of these myself and I think they are such a talking point, as they are unlike I have ever seen before. Which is another reason why it would make a great gift. Not only that, the bag is practical, washable (even though you don’t think it will be), and is a good size. It fits in all that you’d need it to, including a laptop, water bottle, wallet, and phone etc. The straps are fully adjustable, and there are several side zips to store even more things. For what you get for the money, and the quality of it, I am so impressed. Even better that it is vegan friendly and made from sustainable materials.

The brand that make the bags also give 10% of their profits to eco-charities, so you’re doing good too.

Bamboo Water Bottle* – £18

This is an eco-friendly, water bottle that holds just shy of 500ml. It is made from bamboo (sustainably farmed) and stainless steel. Because it is double lined inside it means that your cold drinks can be kept cool for around four hours, so it is good to take to work or on the commute.

Like the paper bag, 10% of the WAKEcup profits go directly to Wearth’s eco charity partners, The Marine Conservation Society and Plastic Oceans. I know we are seeing so much just how much plastic pollution is impacting our seas and marine life, and both of these charities campaign tirelessly to prevent the effects of single use plastic. So you’re doing good, as well as passing on something that will make a great gift.

Have you got a favourite of anything here? It would be great to hear what you think.

*gifted items. All opinions are my own.

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