Christmas – What Should I Buy the Kids?

Eeeeek! Is it too early to mention the ‘C’ word?

Christmas is just around the corner. I’ve spotted mince pies and selection packs galore in the supermarkets and it feels like they come out earlier each year. As a mother (and someone that likes to plan), I think it’s great so I can budget and plan out what I need to get.

In December I will have a 3 year old and a 8 month old so I’ve had to get thinking recently about what is best to get them.

Chloe will be 8 months old. Her play will become a lot more vigorous and will want to grab more things, slam them together, as well as furiously rattling keys and toys. Her fine motor skills will also be developing and becoming more precise. Some great things to get her would be:

  • Books – board or cloth books would work really well. We can read together to help develop her language and then she can grab the book to flip the pages and play with.
  • Blocks – wooden or soft would be great for her to slam together and to knock down. As well as putting them in a box and tipping them back out again.
  • Soft Doll or Animal – great to have an attachment with a cute animal soft toy.
  • Car Toys – moving toys are great to be able to push around the floor and she can see the cause and effect of her actions. Tesco have some great ones (and good prices too).


Max will be 3. Firstly, I can’t believe it I will have a three year old! That is crazy. He is loving preschool and I think these things would be great for him:

  • Art Supplies – finger paints, sponges, pompoms, clay… it’s all good! He really enjoys messy play so I’m keen to help him develop more in that way.
  • Post & Pans – Max will be (and is) at the pretend-play development stage so things that he can ‘act out’ with and mimic will be good choices.
  • Outdoor Toys – I would love to get him a balance bike or a football set. He recently did a football class at nursery that he totally loved so a little goal he can kick a soft football into would be great.
  • Puzzles – we have some puzzles for Max already but I think one that tests him a little more would be great. I’d like to get him one with numbers and letters as he’s learning them at the moment.


What are your top picks for kids this Christmas?

Rebecca x

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