Getting Christmas Party Ready with Vileda

I’m pretty sure you know that party season is ahead. Whether it is a family gathering at home or a work Christmas do, there are plenty of things to be getting ready for. And no, not jealous of a work Christmas do at all (totally am – I do love being self-employed, other than the whole no colleagues thing).

But when the party is at work there is nothing to get ready other than yourself. A party at home needs plenty of planning as well as a big clearing up. Which is where Vileda and the 1-2 Spray Mop comes in. I have been using it to try it out ready for the festive season and see if it is going to be any good for you to use to help get ready for a gathering, as well as for clearing up afterwards.

First of all, I was so impressed at how lightweight the spray mop is.

And not having to need a separate bucket for the mop is a big bonus. So storing and using has been made much easier. But of course, what it comes down to is ease of use and if it does the job that it says.

The mop handle is hollow and you just fill that with cleaning solution. Then you simply pull the trigger and spray the cleaning solution on the floor and then use the mop to wipe the floor down, complete with cleaning solution.

It is honestly so easy to use.

The part of the mop that is attached to the handle swivels around really easily, so it can move around corners and get into all nooks and crannies. You can move the handle to get the spray at different angles, but it does have quite a wide spraying distance. The mop pad is easily detached and washes in a machine, so it is super simple and straightforward to use and take care of. So if you have tile, wood or laminate flooring, then I would totally recommend the spray mop this festive party season.


What else can you do to get ready for a party at home? Here are a few other tried and tested tips for you:

  • Declutter the main rooms

If your party is going to be in a few particular rooms, then you need to focus on decluttering those rooms. Even if it is simply moving a few different things into other rooms, it is all good. Making some space on a bookcase, for example, leaves somewhere for people to out a drink down or for a bowl of nibbles and the like.

  • Have an action plan

Having a plan is a good way to make sure all things run smoothly. I am a planner at the best of times, but you need a plan at a party. Things like set up, and clearing up need a plan. Will you have bins around the house or just use bin bags etc.

  • Reduce stress on the day

If you love to cook and bake, then prepare the food the day before if possible to cut down on stress at the last minute. If you don’t love to cook and bake or just don’t have time, find a local source for good party food! Think Costco!

  • Decorate

It isn’t going to be a festive party, then it needs to look like a festive party! You are likely to have some Christmas decorations up already, but you can’t go wrong with a few more. Choosing a colour theme can be a good idea too.

Have you got any parties planned at home this Christmas? Would love to hear what you think!

Rebecca x

*collaborative post – all opinions are my own.



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