Tips and Inspiration For Your Christmas Table Setting

I can’t get enough of Christmas and love all of the festivities that come along with it. I have pretty much sorted my Christmas shopping now; I like to get it done as early as possible. Then December doesn’t have to be a drag or stress me out. I really can embrace the season and all that it brings.

One thing that I think is so lovely about Christmas, is the Christmas dinner. Being surrounded by family or friends, enjoying some traditional food is just the best. One of my favourite things to do. Ever. One thing that makes the meal extra special, is having a stunning table setting. It isn’t like every meal is set up like that, so everyone knows that it is a super special event.

I made a centrepiece last year using a wreath as a base and put baubles in a lantern. I liked it as it gave the table height and just made a statement. I think using things like baubles is a fun way to decorate too. So if you’re looking for some inspiration for table settings, I have gathered a few ideas for you.


  • Use a vase or a bowl
    • Fill it with baubles or things like pinecones, fairy lights candy canes. Makes a really simple but stunning centrepiece


image source
  • Flowers make anything look prettier, so they are a must
    • Traditional flowers at Christmas are poinsettias but something like red roses would work well too


image source

  • Using a tray makes for a simple but effective table setting
    • You could use a few different sized candles on the tray and then fill with berries, pinecones or baubles


image source
  • Use a cake stand
    • It gives great height and most of us probably have one laying around at home. You could add candles on top, or place one of the above style centrepieces on top of it. If you had a tiered cake stand, you could fill it with foliage or decorations, for a mini-Christmas tree effect. You could even get some different sized boxes, wrapping paper and ribbon, to create a stunning gift centrepiece like this one


image source


image source
  • Lanterns can be used for a really effective look
    • You could have a church candle in it, and then surround it with foliage or anything that feels a little festive. I think the bow in this one gives off a really stunning look


image source

Do you tend to make a centrepiece over Christmas? I must admit, I didn’t really bother until now my kids are at the not grabbing-everything-in-sight kind of stage. All of these designs are really quite simple when you break them down, so they wouldn’t take very long to whip up.

Which are your favourites here? I’d love to know what you think!


*this is a collaborative post

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