Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas and Tips

With many people on social media already getting their Christmas decorations up and ready (maybe I follow a lot of Americans as I know quite a few like to do it the week leading up to Thanksgiving), it got me thinking about our tree and what decorations we will be usindo-you-suffer-from-po-d-perfect-ornament-placement-disorder-7689721g this year.

Having had quite a sparse tree year for quite a few years; being skint newlyweds to then having small children around that would destroy any baubles in sight, we haven’t always gone all out. Of course, we’ve always done decorations for the home, just not always got a big tree. Plus, we have family all over and aren’t always at home for Christmas.

But during the festive season, the Christmas tree really is the centrepiece of the home. So if you’re looking for a few new ideas this Christmas, then I’ve got a few for you. We have our tree planned and ready to go up in the first week of December – I love the whole declaring process. What theme will you be going for?

Ten Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Modern Classic

Keeping the colours fairly classic and traditional, such as red and gold, but adding a few modern touches like beaded garlands and even choosing an alternative tree topper, like a large letter of your surname, for example.


Match Decor

If you don’t like things to clash too much, then choosing the colours that you already have in the room that it is going in (most likely the living are), can avoid any big clashes. Modern, classic or shabby-chic; you can easily choose a style for your tree that won’t look out of place in your home. if you’ve got deep purple sofas and curtains, for example, then why not go for silver and purple for your tree decs?

Bold Tree Skirt

If you want to keep your tree fairly plain and modern, then you could always go a little OTT with the tree skirt. A bold tree skirt will balance out well with a plain looking tree that is mostly decorated with lights or garlands. So if you’re not looking to get too many ornaments, then a tree skirt could be the thing for you.

DIY Ornaments

I remember when I was younger, my mum, bless her, would put all of our homemade decorations on the tree. So it looked like an explosion of homemade kid’s crafts. But you can go DIY without it looking too ‘rubbish.’ Think twigs from the garden, spray painted lolly sticks, and cute beaded crafts that can be hung. If you’re not super crafty but want quite a natural look, then these wooden tree decorations from Amara could look really cute.

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 18.00.07

^Set of Two – £20

Shiny Baubles

Glass or shiny baubles add an element of glamour to any tree. They can look really sophisticated and more expensive than they really are. For a more traditional theme for your tree, then solid ornaments in red, white, and gold could look better. A modern look could work with baubles with graphics, as well as in colours like fuchsia or violet and bronze. Clear glass baubles is a really stunning look too. I just adore these Confetti Sequin decorations from Amara. I have them myself and I know they will look stunning on the tree this year. The colours from the confetti will really pop.

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 18.04.33

^Set of Two – £12


For many, Christmas can be hard time of year because you are thinking about those that won’t be with you at the Christmas tree this year. Which is why some photo ornaments could work really well on your tree. A small frame with photos of loved ones in, could look really beautiful hung on your tree.

Perfectly Natural

If you have a home with  shabby-chic feel and a tree that is more natural looking would better, then why not use all things natural to decorate with? Dried orange slices, holly from the garden, cinnamon sticks, and beaded cranberries could be a good way to give a nod to the season, as well as making the room have an amazing natural smell.

Bright and Bold

If you have an artificial Christmas tree, then choosing a decor style that is all-natural might look a little odd. So going for a bright and bold colour design could be just what you need; just embrace the fakery, right? From bold coloured baubles, to spray painting your artificial tree, there are endless options. And why not add in a few of your favourite things for decorators. I am loving decorations like these as alternatives to ‘traditional’ baubles:

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 18.20.23

Feather Tail Flamingo Tree Decoration – £18 // Hummingbird Tree Decoration – £12 // Pink Ice Cream Tree Decoration – £12

Statement Topper

No on is saying that you have to have an angel or star on the top of the tree, unless you want to, of course. Even if that is what you choose, you could go all out with a statement angel or star. Alternatives could be phrases or words, cut out on wood, as well as tinsel, a favourite toy or even a picture. The rest of your tree can be fairly simple if you’ve got a statement topper.

Wrap Lights

When you’ve got the task of dressing the tree with tinsel or garlands, as well as the lights, it can be time consuming, as well as taking up lots of space on the tree. so why not combine the two? Wrapping the lights up in the garlands you have (beaded, tulle, fabric, tinsel, or hessian), can make that step much easier. It is a way to hide away the string of the lights too.

Have you got any new decorations this year? What kind of style do you usually go for? Would love to hear what you think!

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