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I was recently introduced to the iOS and Android app Clic and Walk and I think it is fab so thought I would share with you all. I have done some ‘Mystery Shopping’ before so it works kind of along those lines.

You download the app to your phone or tablet and create your profile. You can also set up so it connects with the bank account number and sort code so you can get paid directly, or connect it with your PayPal account and get paid that way. Once you are set up, you can select different ‘missions’. These are the things to do to get paid. Some are to just to go to a certain shop, take some pictures and answer some questions. Other things you can do straight away at home, usually involving answering questions or visiting a website. You can get paid anything between £0.40 and £8 for a mission but you see how much each is worth before hand and you can decline or accept.

Another feature I thought was great was being able to select the distance range of your missions. If you only want to visit local areas then just select within however many miles. If you travel out and about a bit more, you can increase the distance of your missions and to be honest, most likely increase the chance of getting better paid options.

The app is 100% secure and ad-free which is always a plus. I think it’s perfect for stay-at-home parents, or anyone with a little bit of spare time that wants to make a bit of cash, for not having to do much.

To download the apps and for some more info, click the links below:

What do you think? Reckon you’ll give it a go?

Rebecca x

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