Clutter in the Bedroom | Solutions to Try

The bedroom is the place we escape too every night to relax and unwind. It needs to the area of the home that is completely desirable, the place we’re desperate to end up after a busy day. It should be somewhere decorated according to your taste so that you can wake up and smile, rather than hide back under the covers. Equally, It should be somewhere you’re happy to laze around in over the weekend, but most importantly it has to be the place you know you’ll wake up feeling replenished and refreshed without the anxiety of clutter or dodgy furnishings. Ultimately, it’s the room that you begin your day in and therefore deters your mood, so don’t underestimate its importance.

What is one of the main causes of clutter in the bedroom? Clothes, of course.

Totally necessary possessions, but they often end up everywhere. Knickers on the floor, socks hanging out of draws, jumpers protruding from their closets, ties tangled together and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


Contemporary walk in wardrobes are often something that are coveted and deemed unachievable in a standard family home. But they are not as hard to come by as one might think. Urban Wardrobes specialise in fully fitted and made-to-measure storage solutions for the most awkward of spaces. They have extensive experience handling the most challenging installations, such as those featuring lofts and attic rooms with sloping ceilings or those that need to incorporate alcoves or chimney breasts. They utilise the available space providing the most suitable options. There may be more room in your home than you think for the closet if your dreams.  

Whether you love fashion and have a wardrobe to die for, or if you just like to keep your clothes stored neatly, a walk in wardrobe is a fabulous addition to any home. With careful space planning it is easier to acquire than you might think. 


You may find the concept hard to believe, so let’s talk through a few life changing storage ideas for your walk in wardrobe.

  1. Whether you have a large luxurious walk in wardrobe or a little cute one, mirrors will instantly double the feel of the space.
  2. Keep in mind that pocket doors or sliding doors won’t take up your storage space.
  3. Protect your precious Louboutins by giving them their own home. The thing is, you’re likely to have quite the collection, so a pull out ‘shoe larder’ (similar to those found in kitchens) can stow multiple pairs in a narrow space, and mean shoes are stored separately.
  4. Handbags can be stored on shelves
  5. Ensure you have the correct lighting in this room. Ultimately you want to like what’s staring back at you in the mirror.

If you’re still unconvinced about not having enough room, have a look around and consider stealing some inches from an existing room – space under eaves can be sectioned off for example, with drawers against the short wall and hanging space against the new full height partition. The Walk In Wardrobe is more than just a closet, it’s an experience and a real sanctuary for you as you embark on your day or evening out.

Rebecca x*collaborative post. Images from Urban Wardrobe.

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