Cooking with Cold-Pressed Black Garlic Olive Oil by Symposium

Although I seem to have time for cooking these days, other than on the weekends, I do love to cook and try out recipes. As anyone that knows me knows, I have a massive collection of recipe books, and like to try different recipes all of the time.

One thing that I love to cook with is olive oil. I could honestly drink olive oil sometimes! I like to cook with it, use it as a dressing, as well as use it with balsamic vinegar for dipping in crusty bread – yum! I also like how versatile olive oil is, as well as the range of flavours that you can get olive oil in. Olive oil is some of the best oil for you, as studies increasingly show that a lot of the health benefits of olive oil come from the phenolic compounds the oil has, which have antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This means that olive oil can help to prevent common diseases like strokes and heart disease, so it is pretty much a superfood.

The combination of cold-pressed olive oil and black garlic makes for a ‘hyper food’ as it brings together two great foods, with many benefits.

Black Garlic Olive Oil

Black garlic is a regular fresh white garlic that has been heated gently in a pressurised container for a number of days or weeks. As the garlic stews in its own juices, it gives the garlic the taste and smell, which is really tasty with olive oil. It has an almost sugary taste, but still with plenty of garlicky goodness. The combination is amazing in this olive oil – I have been really impressed with the taste of the oil, and how well it works in cooking (and my beloved dipping with vinegar).

Greek Olive Oil

This olive oil is a limited edition and cooked in small-batches. It is organic, extra virgin olive oil from the Greek island Zakynthos, which provides olives that have a fruity flavour, as well as natural goodness. I really like this combination, with it tasting good and being easy to use in cooking.


The 100ml bottle of the Original Cold-Pressed Black Garlic Olive Oil by Symposium costs £10 for one bottle, or £18 for two bottles. These can be bought directly from the Etsy site here:

This obviously costs more than your average olive oil, but it is definitely a better than your average olive oil. There are a number of benefits to this oil, and the fact that it is cold-pressed and in a glass bottle, makes it a great option for something a little fancier for your food. So from that point of view, I think that you do get value for money. The flavour is great, and there versatility of the oil is great too, so I would definitely recommend this. It would also make a great gift for any foodies in your life.

Have you tried this before? What kind of olive oil is your favourite? I can completely recommend it!

*the oil was gifted in exchange for an honest review – all words and opinions are my own.

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