Choosing a colour scheme for your new living room

So, you’ve revamped your living room, but how do you pick the perfect colour scheme? There are plenty of shades out there to choose from, but if you’re unsure what colour palette your new space needs, read on for some inspiration.

Use a mood board

Give direction to your creativity and try creating a mood board.

Begin by choosing your main base colour. This can be based off anything – what you’re drawn to, your favourite colour or even colours you’re unfamiliar with. A base colour lets you play around with different shades to decide what other colours would look best and what colour scheme to go for.

Inspiration for your mood board can be taken from anywhere. Collect magazine cuttings, images and anything else that inspires you for your mood board. The whole point is to experiment with styles and colours before you commit to them.

Understand what a colour scheme can do

Decide what look you want to opt for with your living room space. A tonal or monochromatic colour scheme will use one colour throughout the room in varying tones. This is a great option if you’re a fan of whites and neutrals and allows you to introduce bold pieces to add excitement to your space.

Following a harmonious colour scheme will give your living room a tranquil vibe that is easy to live in. Harmonious colours often feature a dominant colour with a second, complementary colour to support it. Alternatively, go all-out with contrasting colours. You can make an effective statement in your living room by using colours that lie opposite each other on the colour wheel.

Set the mood

The colour palette for your new living room can be inspired by the mood you want to create in this space. Layering neutrals can give your living room an organic feel and help you to keep in touch with nature. Feeling a little mysterious? Incorporate black into your room if you’re bold enough.

Warm colours such as reds and yellows create a warm and inviting mood within your room, whereas cool tones such as purples and blues give versatility with calming and dramatic vibes. Colour holds a strong influence over mood, so choose wisely.

Match your home’s structure

If your living room is large and open plan and so allows a lot of light to enter, choose colours that will be enhanced by this. Using lighter shades will help light to reflect off your interior walls, making your living room feel brighter and bigger. Bifold Shop can help you to enhance natural light in your living room and make the most of your chosen colour scheme.

Get tester paint pots

Rather than take a bold plunge, use tester paint pots to get an idea of what paint colours will look like on your wall. This way, you can avoid regretting any decisions, as it can make you realise whether or not a particular colour will actually work in your living room.

Remember, colour schemes can also be incorporated through décor – so, if you find a shade that doesn’t work on your wall, you could still add it through accessories and accents.

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