Love travelling? Combine it with dental treatment and save up to 80%

Over  the last few years Romania has become one of the most popular destinations chosen by medical tourists from the UK, Ireland, France or Scandinavian countries who wish to improve their dental health, experience unforgettable holidays and save on dental bills. If you have always dreamed about having a Hollywood smile and finally decided to undergo dental implant treatment abroad, then Romania is the perfect destination.

Female dentist and young woman patient in dentist office.

Dental clinics in Bucharest and in any other Romanian cities offer some of the cheapest prices for dental procedures. According to a report on cheap dental implants abroad by DentalimplantsFriends, a single dental implant costs from as little as 512 Euros in Romania. Whereas you would pay 807 Euros for a dental implant on average, that is still the fraction of the price quoted at clinics in Europe.

However, international patients choose Romania to have dental implants done not only because of affordable prices but because of the great holidays they can have.  You might be surprised at how affordable everything is, from accommodation (eg.  5 star hotels based in Bucharest will cost you as little as 60 Euros per night) transport, food (you would pay from 10 to 20 Euros for a dinner for 2)  to entertainment and sightseeing in the country. Romania, with its 12 airports, can be easily reached, and national and international airlines connect Romanian cities with many European ones.  The Romanian rail system is also well developed and very popular with Romanians and foreign tourists. As Romania is a member of the EU, international patients do not need any visa to undergo medical treatment or visit the country.

Bucharest, Romania

What sets dental implant treatment in Romania above all is new, state of the art equipment that  meets all EU requirements. Romanian clinics, that treat international patients, declare that one of their main goals is to provide them with not only the highest quality dental care, but also offer dental treatment without any pain thanks to the most advanced techniques  e.g. nitrous sedation. The Romanian medical professional education is well known and recognised throughout the world. Many Romanian dentists and oral surgeons speak English fluently, so this eliminates barriers to communication with international patients during their dental treatment in Bucharest or other Romanian cities.

In Romania dental clinics provide not only sophisticated dental treatment, but also the understanding  that some of their international patients might feel uncomfortable visiting a foreign country for the first time. For this reason you might expect that a Romanian dental clinic will take care of everything you need while you are staying in the country: comfortable accommodation, airport transfers, a list of places that you can relax in or visit. While visiting Romania for dental implant treatment everyone finds places that satisfy even the most sophisticated needs, such as mountains or seaside beaches, historical places or Romanian cities.

Ready to go? Then make sure you plan what you need to take to make sure that you’re ready to go!

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